Friday, January 8, 2010


So I got invited to the Daybreakers premiere last night and went with the handsome Duane and Junior Stellano, another new Slick It Up model was there with his friend too so the section I was sitting in was sorta hotcho muchacho ...and then Willem Dafoe sat down next to us....Ackk... Vampire?!!
The movie is fun and if you had to decide on something new to see this weekend Id say thats a fun suggestion, its a new twist on vampire stuff which Ive never been into but this had more of a sci-fi then horror angle which made it more interesting for me. It looks like Gattica and the story line is if they dont get human blood they get all deformed and batty and nobody in any other movie seems to have a problem with that but in this film its a problem to not look human which sorta puts it on the same parallel as many real diseases out there so the entire vampire process seems more viable.
Its fun and go see it if you like that kinda fun where youre worried at any moment that someones head might explode....

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Cristián said...

Kinda “no mones = look deformed”?
Totally my type of vampires!
Kill whoever and do whatever to put your fangs on those mones, my little batties!