Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fetish Kookery of the day: Cream pies AND VADER!

My friend just sent me this ad from Craigslist, it is the BEST example of fetishist TRYORY! The (HIS MY) part is SO genius, like its actually the fetish slip up we all know is there and WE HE are just trying to cover it with RIDICULOUS DISTRACTIONS. Its just NEVER this obvious, I mean its literally spelled out for you but STILL has all the jumping through hoops and ridiculosity weve all gone through to get some KINKY SEX. I remember doing it in 7th grade and trying to get the HAIRY APE Chris Duvall, who was 13 and had 5 o clock shadow by MATH CLASS to "wrestle" with me...TRYORY! This is also a great example of it. I cant believe it even goes with the theming of the blog too?! The ad reads as follows, and the pic is from the ad. Click HERE to see it yourself.
Your job: Humiliate my buddy - 38 (Midtown)
I need a cool guy to humiliate my buddy by splatting shaving cream pies in his my face, also smearing shaving cream all over his naked body and ridiculing his tiny cock. Really let him have it -- and the more pies and the more humiliating the better! Cream him goooooooood. Can do this at my downtown hotel or he can travel to you. (He's the one on the right -- has a great sense of humor and is the best sport in the world, so a good time is guaranteed. Shoot big loads -- if you decide to let him.)

Anytime this week works for him, though evenings are definitely the best. Prefer a guy under 30, slim/medium build, and long hair is a turn-on. Consider this as your part-time job.


duaner said...

tee-hee! i he love this it!

David Mason said...

I knew that you would get a kick out of this/it.