Thursday, January 21, 2010

I would not be half as critical of women if they dressed, acted and cheered me up like this.

The Brigitte Neilsen rip off at the 00:12 count is perfection, and if I was born in 1940 Id probably be married to a chick like her. Why didnt I get to watch shows like this, the A-team was cool and all but i think if I had the choice Id watch these broads cheer me up. The closest thing we got to this in the states was G.L.O.W ( the gorgeous ladies of wrestling) In the u.s the only way to get sex on screen is to pair it with violence.. for real. Theres no reason why the men of the WWF need to be in spandex pants shirtless, and hooded, sorry there is no argument that makes sense besides that its hot and exciting to the MALE viewer, the straight male viewer.


Anonymous said...

OMG This song is awesome!

Stan said...

so true! the ONLY reason to watch the WWE is for all the camp, pyrogenic displays and bare chested men in spandex for sure.

gavin said...

Here's a news item tailor-made for you, Dave.

The reunion of the Crystal Light Dancers on TOSH.0!

And some vintage Crystal Light dancing to the ever-fabulous Devo:

the mrs said...

Someone held on to this long enough for unforseeable technology to develop it could be shared with the world. This guy lugged this VHS tape around for years and years, from each cheap apartment to the next, in a box containing similar tapes I presume.

That blows my mind.

David Mason said...

Thank you for those clips gavin, i will post the Devo one :)