Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Holy Fuckin shit shes got those faggots trussed up in PINK HARNESSES?! Shes likes em FLAMING... awesome........ OMG as I was typing this I was watching the clip for the first time, and just as I thought I saw the gayest back up dancers ever they changed from PINK SPANDEX PANTS AND MATCHING PINK HARNESSES to BEDAZZLED SAILOR OUTFITS?!?!?!?! THAT is why Raffaella is a star! Just when you think youve seen it all, she KICKS YOU IN THE BALLS for thinking that the previous routine was as GAY AS IT GETS!

AAAAAAAHHH! Fuck Lady Gaga.. sorrry, she aint got nothing on this woman! Rafaella has been servin you HARD CORE HIGH FAGGOTRY for DECADES!


Cristián said...

And today you picked up one of her key clips, Dave. The In-The-Navy one. Though this one is not among the typical favorites among fans, because it's just a cheesy karaoke-ish cover of a cheesy song and not one of her own original song masterpieces, still what we love from this TV moment is that here is on of those occasions where it's captured at its best in its almost true raw richness, her all-time trademark super-power that no other mortal has ever had like her: super-natural hair movement control.

Pay attention at around 1’ 18” of the clip, and notice how with the help of her queer-army she does a queerer-than-queer almost-impossible routine, starting by standing on faggotry-defying high-heels she then throws herself to free-fall down on her gays’ arms (with hand-holding-head brief photo-moment pose included), to immediately proceed with a full front-flip not only to finish it in perfect timing and position, but just notice how after just making her head do more turns than a blender, when the moment comes to look back at the camera, not only she’s perfectly set in position charmingly smiling but also every single one of her hair filaments are all already back in their exact position where they’re supposed to be, as if she had just been retouched right there on-site by a fierce stylist at light speed, only with no help at all but by the truly grace and force of her unique super power.
Not fully happy with it yet, and just because she’s a good person and only wants to share and simply give away as much of her talent to her audience, and not at all trying to brag about it or flaunt her super powers rubbing it on the noses of any attempted competition, by 2’ 10’ she goes at it again and delivers another gravity-defying moment. Now eat that, Idina!

I couldn’t agree more with you, David. All others have nothing on her. From the Vadge to the Ga, all of them aren’t nothing but humble pupils of the all time Master Teacher of Advanced Faggotry Sciences.
Long live to La-Carrá!

quien es marcos said...

this guy in black is the gayest dancer ever, and I think he's even wearing slick it up

the mrs said...

Can we talk???
This is brilliant shit. And as happy as it makes me (and it makes me VERY happy) it also saddens me to think I was denied ever seeing this as a child. It would have finspired me, fulfilled me in so many ways. It is the culmination of so many CORRECT aesthetic choices and choreography I can't even take it. I might have died from a spastic joy-attack, so maybe it is for the best.
My favorite bit from "In The Navy": The look on the 2 queens faces after the flip at 1:23. They are thinking "Yes. We just did that. And hello, enlisted officers."

Imeldo Shoemaker said...

Having lived thru(or should that be survived)years of 'Hola Raffaella' and other highlights, I'm struggling to agree. Her costume designers and choreographers, on the other hand, deserve every award going...