Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bob Marley ... I CANNOT BELIEVE I have a posting with that as the title...ew.

Ive heard of "HIGH yellow" but THIS is RIDICULOUS?! Jamaica is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER from GREECE apparently. I caught this walking to Evas, the only place you should buy bodybuilding products if you live in NYC, it was in the window of one of those chinese junk shops, no not Walmart, thats the OTHER Chinese junk shop.. This is the perfect example of someone in China being like, I dunno what this says, who this is, or anything about it, and I could CARE LESS! Its just my job to paint it, and here you go.. Ladies and Gentleman Miss CLORIS LEACHMAN in a HAUNTING portrayal of KEITH RICHARDS! Its like when my friend saw Christmas cards in Japan and they had ghosts swirling around a Christmas tree because they were "angels" .. ummmm kind of... I always find that kinda stuff interesting because on paper there is almost no difference between an angel and a ghost but in our mind they are WILDLY different.


youreviltwin said...

you're talking about justin of justinspace, right?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE you!
You are so fuckin' funny!
You should have your own show, or column...
or blog!