Sunday, February 21, 2010

Capricorns love their earth toned clothes!

Just sayin... I was raised by capricorns and my bfs have mostly been capricorns and they all have too much clothes and theyre all partial to a navy, brown, beige and olive.... unlike my aries self who likes a red, raspberry, turquoise and black. Just a note..
Astrology came into my head today when my friend suggested I check out this astrologists site saying how good she was and SO FAR she IS pretty good. The site is barren, surprisingly undesigned, and KLUNKY but the information on it is surprisingly accurate. She does monthy readings that are quite long and detailed, just be sure to click the little "continued" that youd most likely miss when you click on the month as the site is so sparse and generic its almost hard to navigate.
Her name is susan Miller and the site is I know this looks like a total SPAM posting but its not I promise :) If you like that sort of thing its worth checking out.


gavin said...

But you are blond-haired and blue-eyed, like me, and reds don't look good on people like us.

Don't you think?

Tom said...

A person's ascendant and Venus influences what he likes to wear, also. Venus has a lot to do with what one values and considers beautiful or attractive, including the clothes you wear. The ascendant affects how you look at the world and how the world looks at you; again, including the clothes you wear.

Is your birthday April 7, 1975? What time were you born and where?

David Mason said...

Yes , Thats my birthday. I think I was born at 11:58 pm in glens Falls ny 12801. My rising sign I believe is a sagitarius.

David Mason said...

Oh and I think I look good in red:) I dont look good in hot pink though even though I love the color.

Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

I ass-dom Aries for breakfast..ash in their mouth for lunch and sneaker-trample them for dinner.

Wash. Rinse.Repat.

Martha Stewart

LifeofaFashionPublicist said...

I live for Susan Miller!

LifeofaFashionPublicist said...

I live for Susan Miller!