Monday, February 22, 2010

Forehead wrinkles are HOT! / Daily dudes proving this fact.

I just had dinner with a friend of mine who has a very sexy face and he was hating on his forehead wrinkles. I think it needs to become common knowledge that for DUDE forehead wrinkles are an attribute. Theyre HOT. Almost any dude who is hot has them, Tom of Finland dudes have them, Harrison Ford has them MAJORLY, they make you look SEXY. A dude without forehead wrinkles is actually sorta WEIRD. I understand for a LADY you wouldnt want them but at some point I and other gay dudes out there who are constantly influenced by the vanities need to be reminded WE ARE NOT LADIES?! Own your forehead wrinkles! Even I considered getting something done but then I had a DASHING MOMENT OF SANITY and was like "wait... I think I atually like them?!" and Im glad I did because I DO?! Like every dude Ive ever thought was hot has them... I hate how I can be tricked into thinking a totally wrinkle free face is desirable?!... when its actually the opposite of sexy to me. Im not saying a SHRUNKEN APPLE HEAD is hot. Im just saying that forehead wrinkles give manly realness and thats never a bad thing...Be thankful for them they make you look hot and nobody wants to fuck Jocelyn Wildenstein... Except me.


znplfreak said...

Thanks for the pro vote on the forehead wrinkles. I've got em, wish I didn't (I'm sure they are from scowling over the years), but your insight about them makes sense. Nice to know men can be appreciated for

the other dave

witomski said...'s a small part of your hotness!....Joe

gavin said...

Did you know that Harrison Ford's son Ben comes across as a major queen?


And a friend of mine says he was at this play with a male friend during the Super Bowl:

LUCIEN said...

Dave taught us: its sexy if you "own your age"

Anonymous said...

Thanls for saying this. I'm 34 and I've had a couple of major ones across my forehead for years now. I trying to like them. Strangely enough, the rest of my face is practically wrinkle free, which kinda makes the forehead stand out.

Anonymous said...


David Mason said...

...on the forehead is for old, old men and women.