Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I never mentioned anything about the Alexander McQueen death.

It sucks. Dont do Meth.

Weird comment feedback from a reader:

That's lame- lame comment. Not funny, not fierce, not cute. You should have just said nothing. It makes you look jealous and shady, lady.
Not offended, just think it makes you look bad. Poor taste.

What makes you think it was meth? He HUNG himself in his closet the night before his mother's funeral.
Maybe we should wait for the autopsy report results.
Committing suicide is a sad, tragic, desperate act.

David Mason said...
Because I know, Im not saying anything more but the guy was a talent and got into meth and it ruined everything. Just because you hang yourself it doesnt mean you werent brought there by horrible circumstances expedited by drugs. Its not like you wake up some day totally sane and sober and sad about your mothers death and decide to hang yourself. I only mention the meth not to talk shit but only to point out that the tragic death of someone who was very talented and well liked as a reminder to anyone out there who thinks they might wanna try meth and that its not so bad that IT IS, and if any good can come out of this sad situation its that someone who thinks they might wana do it will say to themselves, "Um no, I dont feel like it today"
I also think it sucks that nobody will say anything and everyone will just be like, "He hung himself" when actually he hung himself AND had a meth situation going on and Im only saying this because I know someone who was very very close to him and Im not saying anything more. I wasnt going to say anything because I didnt want to speak poorly of a tragic situation and I dont mean it that way at all. Its going to become obvious at a point and people in the know are already talking about how the meth was a growing serious problem. The only intention here is to let people out there know that crystal meth is still a problem, even though its less of one now in NYC at least, and that it RUINS YOUR LIFE so do not do it and if you are doing and think youre managing it, you may be NOW but in the end you will NOT BE so if you can get out now before it stops "working for you" and you start SLAVING for it it would be a great idea.
The comment wasnt supposed to be funny, or fierce. I dont see why you would even see it that way. And shady or jealous? Im not even understanding how that would come into the picture????
He was a great talent and I liked his work, I think it totally sucks that meth ruined another persons life. Its a problem very close to me and thats why I said it and I say it again. DONT DO METH. This old boyfriend I had was also a fashion designer, also very talented, also became a drug addict, and also killed himself. SO believe me Im not trying in any form to talk shit it just sucks that when situations like this happen people sweep the issue under the carpet for sake of not speaking ill of the dead but I also feel like THEYRE DEAD BECAUSE OF A SERIOUS PROBLEM that we gays are especially prone to and I think its more important that we make it clear and dont live in some DREAMWORLD where people just tragically die and that drugs have nothing to do with it. Its almost like were protecting our drug habit more then the victim.. I dunno I can see it the other way too, Id just rather err on "reality" then a sugar coated story to make us all feel better. Its a shitty situation and it sucks.
There is still a lot of pressure to do crystal out there unfortunately, and at this point I say do anything BUT meth.


Anonymous said...

What makes you think it was meth? He HUNG himself in his closet the night before his mother's funeral.
Maybe we should wait for the autopsy report results.
Committing suicide is a sad, tragic, desperate act.

Anonymous said...

That's lame- lame comment. Not funny, not fierce, not cute. You should have just said nothing. It makes you look jealous and shady, lady.
Not offended, just think it makes you look bad. Poor taste.

Anonymous said...

Actually it helps me to understand why he would do something like this to himself - he had a drug problem. Not that it is any less tragic, but it makes some sense to me now. This is the first time I have heard about it - from you Dave. You are the only one brave enough to be honest about the circumstances. Good for you!

David Mason said...

Thank you Sue. I wouldnt "gossip" about something like this if it wasnt directly from the source and of course even then it could still be gossip as a dead person cant speak for themselves but it is a problem and I think its important to be addressed.

Anonymous said...

Not that it really makes much difference to me, but it was my understanding that actual methamp. was virtually impossible to find in the UK?
I realize the guy traveled quite a bit, but you sure it wasn't just some other amphetamine or stimulant? Again i know it doesn't make alot of difference - the poor guy's dunzo either way - but the "meth stigma" seems to carry alot of weight with some people...

jerek said...

I have never been involved with any drugs. Having many friends in the fetish community I now have several friends who have had meth issues in the past. I also have one friend reentering rehab and one friend who should... I am not sure why this is so prevalent in the community. I don't understand it. It is my experience that for the most part it is the community around my age and older that has had the meth problem. I do my best to encourage the younger guys to continue avoiding meth and similar traps and enjoy their fetishes for the life affirming things they are without the destruction of life drugs bring. It will be a shame if Alexander McQueen's meth issue does not become public knowledge and people don' see another example of how bad the shit is.

jerek said...

I can see that perhaps he was off the meth to deal with his mothers situation and the depression side effect coupled with the stress and sadness of her death put him over the edge...

nsfw said...

I applaud you for your frankness, and wouldn't expect less knowing you're such the upfront guy.
McQueen was a genuine genius in an industry where unique and creative geniuses are few and far between.
And I put David Mason in that small group without hesitation.

gavin said...

It's so true, Dave.

Last year a very good friend of mine, a club promoter and international "circuit" DJ killed himself in conjunction with a meth habit.

These people use meth to escape despair, but find themselves in worse despair when it wears off, because they've lost more money/jobs/stability/whatever.

I miss so many opportunities to be friends and fuckbuddies with people because they do drugs or barebacking. It makes me feel sad and left out a little.

But I'm still alive, healthy and disease-free. I get to enjoy other things in life besides partying.

Anonymous said...

"I dunno, i can see the other side too". What other side, that he may have just been suffering from depression, that the death of his mother was something he could not deal with? Is that something so hard to imagine, is that such an improbable occurrence? Regardless of how close your friend was to him, you DON'T know what he was going through or feeling. So if he had done, did, or was on drugs at the time, you really don't know FIRSTHAND do you. No.
A lot of people do crystal meth, it's a horrible drug, and yes, it destroys many lives. However, this is not a problem unique to the gay community. It's something rampant in small towns all across the U.S., and while it ruins lives, everyone who is on it does not kill themselves.
You defend your comment by your story of how your friend committed suicide because he was on crystal meth, so that gives you an authority on the subject. Also, your friend or ex lover was a DESIGNER, so therefore, you really have know what you're talking about. You think you are unique in that, that people haven't been touched by the effects of crystal meth or suicide?
You think there aren't personal friends of Lee who may have a better insight, a far better one than someone who wasn't a friend of his (you)? Regardless of how ugly the truth may or may not be, they just probably feel out of respect that they won't call him a cokehead in a backhanded eulogy.

Anonymous said...

I like your reasoning as well, as if you are giving everyone a moral cautionary tale of crystal meth.
People looked up to McQueen for his talent, they didn't put him on a superhero pedestal, the world won't be shocked that someone in fashion was on drugs. What are you going to tell me next, that Kate Moss does cocaine? shocker!!
Who is trying to protect what secret? Crystal meth is certainly not a secret in the gay community, nor is it a secret in our country period.
Most people are just choosing to respond with respect and not jump to conclusions.
Even if his autopsy is positive for meth and a whole slew of drugs, you still do not know what he was going through, and being on drugs does not equate suicide. Sure it can be a factor, but once again, we don't know what he was feeling, you don't know, your friend of a friend of his doesn't, nobody does.
It's a sad loss and thats all we know for sure.
Just because everyone isn't dishing on whatever sordid details his life may have had, it's not some big cover up. It's called respect, and also it's called IRRELEVANT.

You can be very witty at times, and at other times, you can be so offensive. You carry so much self-loathing, and it is very transparent when you project your issues with yourself on others. People who follow your blog will know what I am talking about, you know what I am talking about.

It may not be your preference, but you've done it on your rants on feminine or overly queeny men, and it may not be your cup of tea, but a lot of feminine men are in couples, have husbands etc... You get so hung up on your ideal, that you insult and mock guys who you feel don't live up to your ideal or would attract your ideal, yet what you don't know is maybe they are getting the men that you lust after. It takes all kinds, not everyone wants a juiced up roidhead, and so to each their own.

When people talk about a community that divides itself and attacks its own, it is your attitude sometimes that is the epitomy of that.
At times you've come across as racist even, yet because you have Polish decent, this once again gives you the authority on this subject because of all the setbacks and bigotry you've faced as being a Polish CAUCASIAN AMERICAN male. Tell us more how you being Polish has made you the victim of discrimination time and time again.

This is your blog, your forum to give your rants on whatever you want, and it is for the most part an entertaining read. I just wish that you had the insight to sometimes read a comment and do some reflection and say "okay, I see your point", "maybe that came out wrong", or god forbid "I was wrong"

Anonymous said...

Very interesting how my comments were altered before you posted them. I did not say any of what appears in the first paragraph, beginning with "That's a lame-lame comment.
Those are not my words.

David Mason said...

I didnt alter amy coments, i cut and pasted what was there.

Anonymous said...

"Id just rather err on "reality" then a sugar coated story to make us all feel better." Am I missing something here? What is sugar coated Dave? Depression is a real thing, I don't see what's sugar coated about someone committing suicide. If there was some attempt at covering anything up, they would tried to cover up the fact that the death was a suicide, and maybe that it was by hanging himself. The thought of someone in such despair and hopelessness making a noose and ending does not seem very "sugar coated".
P.S. crystal meth is something that gays were actually very late on the bandwagon to get hooked on. it was very prevalent on the west coast then later crept across small town USA before the circuit party crowd got into it.

Anonymous said...

You really do enjoy acting like an elitist don't you? I agree with above, you can cut down McQueen because you know someone who knows him, you can cut down blacks and middle easterners because you're Polish, you can ridicule small town life because you're from one. You acted like the world was your oyster in the W. Village, yet when you were priced out of the neighborhood, suddenly Hells Kitchen isn't so bad, even though it's sooooooooo far uptown, where as before, your had the elitist attitude of "the world ends at north of 14th st."

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,
I like most of your posts, but come on man. You being the proponent of steroid use giving us warnings on drugs?
There are many instances of people becoming very unstable from steroid use, uncontrollable tempers and rages ending in murdered families and yes, suicides. Happens in the wrestling business every now and then.
In fact, didn't you have a crazy rant like that yourself with a cabbie?
Your blog, your opinion. That's cool, for the most part it's a nice read.
I'm glad you print the comments, good and bad, it is good sometimes to check yourself and maybe put your foot in your mouth (not in a fetishy way).

Anonymous said...

ooh shit girl, you got read!

Anonymous said...

David, I wrote the first comment about this original post being lame and in poor taste. I'm happy that you followed up by explaining yourself.
I take Lee McQueen's death very seriously. I'm a man that takes nothing seriously, but this kills me.
I've thought about Lee and his pain everyday since I heard about his passing and I'm fucking torn up about it. The man was a creative genius and such an incredible human that I couldn't let what you posted go without rebutting.
I've been reading your blog since you began and I overlook most offensive language from you, mainly because I'm not offended and I do appreciate your honesty and candor. I also think you are incredibly talented in your own right and I see myself in you- just as I saw myself in Lee.
There are few things sacred to me, but Alexander McQueen is untouchable and whether drugs came into play or not- the man put it down on this Earth in such a way that he will never be forgotten and I would never tolerate anyone dismissing him and overlooking what he created.
Talented faggots are a dying breed. AIDS and drugs have wiped out the greatest creative minds to ever roam this Earth. I'm saddened that I have lost another brother from my life. I will never forget Alexander McQueen.
Again, I'm glad you wrote more explaining your position. Lee's the kind of curious, creative mind that has tried EVERYTHING. I fault no one for living and experiencing all that is good and bad in the World. Especially, Lee, knowing that he incorporated it into such divine beauty. We are all curious and we all learned right from wrong- knowing when we are being bad makes those things all the more pleasurable.
I don't know what you hold sacred David, but a spirit like Lee McQueen is devout and sacrosanct to me.

Anonymous said...

yeah dude, do steroids, they don't have ever have problems handling their rage and killing people then themselves. you're ridiculous, stick to the fetish, your ignorance isn't as fun to read.

christuffer said...

meth+human being=death

Sad equation, but so very true. We in the Midwestern States of America can testify to that fact.

Bravo, David

gavin said...

I can't stand the overbearing cunt @ 12:01 and 12:02 anymore.


Alexander McQueen SHOULD be criticized for everything GOOD he was and everything BAD he was, at all times; especially upon his death, which is the time we designate to appreciate a person's life.


You're going after Dave as if he owes this McQueen character the same treatment as the pastor at McQueen's funeral!


It is perfectly valid to acknowledge fucked-up, self-destructive behaviors in people who die early and unnaturally so as to caution others from making the same mistakes.

Fuck all this "You shouldn't speak ill of the dead."

What if the dead was a motherfucker? Or in McQueen's case, what if the dead was recklessly STUPID and wasted his talent?

Are we supposed to pretend he wasn't?

Maybe at his funeral service, but that's about it.

Everywhere else his life is fair game, especially because he's a public figure.

Learning wisdom comes from telling the truth about life.

I'm sorry if that leaves a smudge on your precious, sacred cow!

Seriously, why are you so invested in stopping criticism of this guy?

gavin said...

BY THE WAY, I can't fully respect ANYONE who commits suicide.

fang said...

Seemingly the only person here with issues is 'anon'.

As for Lee, all those wonderful, wonderful shoes...and now, no more.

But fuck...WHAT a legacy of twisted beauty he leaves behind.

David Mason said...

I have NEVER been a proponent of steroid use. Ive written a million times not to do them and yes I have a million photos of dudes I think are hot who are on them which are contrary to this opinion but thats simply the way the world is I cant say that I dont think guys on roids look hot, they look sexy but if youre thinking about doing them dont, but I have NEVER been a proponent of steroids. If you read my blog youd know ive written a bunch of pieces on why theyre a mess. A hot mess, but still a mess.

fang said...

i've been a reader of this blog for a couple of years now and have become fortunate to count Dave as a friend, and (not that my opinion counts for shit to anyone else) i can totally vouch for him on this.

don't try and call him out on shit 'anon' (Gods, even *I* think know who this is and that's fucking sad!), because it just makes you look like a bigger Troll than you already are.

Anonymous said...

DAve, ur basically just saying ur a hypocrite, because u worship dudes on roids and lust after them, u post pics of them on ur blog like a shrine. so u basically glamorize it and have a fetish for it, but oh, no, you're not a proponent of it???
once again, this self loathing u have comes into play. u don't like the steroid use but u lust after the juiced up roid heads.
and for the dude who can't respect people who killed themselves, well big wow. i'm sure thats what they're concerned about, that u don't approve after they're dead.
i think the anonemous guy is saying whether he was on coke, dave don't know for sure what he was going through, if he was on it at the time, if he had depression his whole life etc... lots of people have tried drugs, i've tried crystal before too, haven't done drugs in years though, but iv'e experimented.

i think its more a respect thing, and the whole post came across like "i'm not mentioning it", but actually i am, and here's a snarky thing to stir up convos. theres a time and place right? its called respect.
and i don't know bout mcqeen being a celebrity so much. i don't think he courted the public eye and paparazzi, he was a trained tailor on saville row long before the couture and gucci backings, he wasn't a tabloid fixture.
because he was good at his cr4aft, is he not allowed privacy once he becomes successful? he wasn't on a reality show or nuthin like that.
i think the original post was just in bad taste, ur not in the "know" enough dave, u weren't his frie3nd, and u wasn't there i assume.

David Mason said...

Its too bad that you cant understand the concept that a person can be capable of multiple and opposing feelings about something. I feel Im being honest in saying I think guys juiced out are hot, but I also feel mixed emotions about it because I dont feel its healthy.
Im a big guy, youre welcome to heap your projections and self hatred on to me, I can handle it, but just realize youre projecting so much about yourself on to me that I simply dont feel. The fact that you think you could possibly know what I feel is just not possible, but I love to see you go off on it like youre an authority on my psyche. Youre welcome to go for it, but then just read everything you write and apply it to yourself and ask "Oh am I really writing about myself here when I hate on this person I never met that I want to have a relationship with be it a negative or a positive one"

Anonymous said...

"Oh am I really writing about myself here when I hate on this person I never met that I want to have a relationship with be it a negative or a positive one"
everyone has issues they don't like about themselves, i think YOU actually need to go back and re-read your posts. of course people can have conflicting opinions, but yours cross the line to self loathing. Its as if you want to simultaneously put people on a pedestal and knock them down at the same time.
I don't claim to know you. EXACTLY. That was really my only point, you didn't know Lee McQueen personally. You don't know what he was going through, and I think it was kind of a backhanded way of giving your sympathy with the mention of meth. Meth is horrible, agreed. If he had killed himself because he had full blown AIDS, would you have said "It sucks, Don't let guys cum up your ass"? Would you send that to his family with flowers? When these guys on roids you worship lose it and kill their families, will you also say "it sucks. Don't do roids" (Even though I wouldn't have wanted you if you weren't on them).

And obviously there are at least 3 different anonymous posters on this page. So once again, I'm not claiming to know you. Its your blog for your rants, i'm just stating that you didn't know Lee, and I whether its true or not, it was in bad taste. I don't know you, you don't know me either, but I'm reading your blog, so I think as far as seeing a pattern in someone's mindset, I have a lot more to go on. Why is it when someone does call you out on a valid point you never ever just fess up and agree. Is that an automatic defense mechanism that doesn't allow you to be wrong?

You really seem to have some issues as to what you lust after, as these seem to be the same things you despise. Your blog is enjoyable, but in many posts you show this, by how you put down your Puerto Rican friend, because according to you, it's not a good thing to be a Rican from Jersey. Really? Who is that according to? I don't think the Puerto Ricans from New Jersey feel that way. Maybe for one trying to assimilate into a "scene" here, it may seem like a shameful thing, but in all reality, for Puerto Ricans and any families of any ethnicity who live in Jersey, it's their home and they aren't ashamed about it.
You need to be able to look down on people though don't you. You're better than them after all.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash Dave, you are a white caucasian male in America, so if you want to give racial slurs, then go ahead and show your true colors. It's your right to speak your mind. It's sad that you always have to add the disclaimer of *I'm Polish, so I understand. ahem ahem. You're a white male in America, get real.

These are just observations from reading your posts. Do I have my own issues? Sure. There are definitely things that are conflicts in things I like. I don't want to eat too many processed foods and foods that aren't organic, but I still give in to fast food once in a while. However, that is different to say that you are anti-steroids when you WORSHIP roid heads. That is a huge conflict. Basically you're pro-steroids but just can't man up and say it.

Don't you ever read what you write and think back sometimes, "crap, that came out wrong?"

Well you are entitled to your opinion, I would just respect you more if you reflected once in awhile and could reflect on what comes out of your mouth sometimes.
Would you like his family reading your backhanded obit? Would you want the vogue dancers in all the balls to read that blog? Be a dick, be racist, hate on everyone who doesn't live up to your hyper-masculine ideal achieved by 'roids. If Johnny Weir was working out at your gym and you didn't know who he was, you'd carry the same disdain you've showed in the past. He is being who he is, he is a feminine flamboyant man, he's in great shape, takes care of himself. According to you though, that's not what "men" want. But he's out there now, so you can approve of him. Is everything so fake that you project, is it all this physical outside package you present?

Anonymous said...

YOU WON'T EVEN GET A CHAIR THAT YOU LIKE BECAUSE YOU'RE WORRIED about some guy coming over thinking you're a nelly queen. It's your apartment, your life, why try so hard??? Those flaming guys you put down are way braver, they are being who they authentically are. You cannot even be yourself completely in your own home apparently, and that's sad.

The bravest thing is being who you truly are Dave, so be proud of being racist, be proud of being an elitist (even though you had to move to Hell's Kitchen, gasp), and be proud that you've enjoyed steroids in the past and that you are attracted to the Roid LIfestyle. Be proud you're a hypocrite, because that basically sums it up.

And for everyone defending you blindly, maybe they haven't read your other blog posts that have caused a major stir, your cab experience etc...and some of those opinions might change when, especially if its their race, backround, education, or hometown being put down by you.

As far as Gavin, I don't think anyone here has referred to McQueen as a "sacred cow", and no one is trying to protect the sanctity of his name. Hello, he killed himself, HELLO, he hanged himself. It's not exactly a pretty picture. I'm sure he's shedding a tear because you can't respect him now.

Anonymous said...

thank you dave, u saved my life! u see, i was thinking about doing crystal because i want to fit into the circuit scene thats all the rage now, and ur post stopped me from picking up the pipe.i couldn't find any info on this subject, because its as if the whole gay community is hiding it like its a big conspiracy. i think i'll go inject my ass with some 'roids instead. i know u don't condone them *wink wink

Anonymous said...

I've gone down and read this long list of comments, and I applaud you for being able to say that you don't like steroids but like the guys on them, and to know that it is a contradiction.

Saying that's simply how the world is is kind of a cop out. A lot of people have convictions and stand by them. Here's a metaphor: someone who's a proponent for sex that can only get turned on by bareback porn or watching unsafe sex in a sex club. By visiting bareback porn sites and buying their porn, he is actually helping to support the very message he claims to be against.

If you had one or two pics or mention of guys on steroids on your pages I could see your point a little more, but it's a huge amount of posts and pics we're talking about. It would actually be easier to understand if you were for steroids, and i'd respect that as your opinion as well.

Oh, I'm leaving this as an anonymous comment, but i'm not the starter of this post. I'm not very familiar with MacQueen. I do agree suicide and drug use is a sad thing.
keep up the great work, I love the suit and hood I got from you

David Mason said...

"Anonymous" scores a TEN for Lesbian African American social worker realness!!! Serve us wildly jaded and politically slanted, self obsessed, P.C 1996 rantings mother!?!
Im shocked people still even think like this. Im feeling like if its 2010 and this is a "must deliver" rant this person just took their first gender studies, african american, and latin american studies course at their community college in Buffalo or something.
And he or she delivers them all anonymously of course, HUGE RANTS, LOTS OF OPINIONS,and even more JUDGEMENTS yet still of course totally anonymous and a total pussy.
Dude, I dont wanna be youre bf, or even F, and we both know it. I know you need to have a relationship with me even if its going to be a negative one, but go and try smiling then go to the gym, so you wont hate on me for living your dreams, and stop writing giant rants on here because I publish them for laughs because I dont even read them I just read the first few sentences and then roll my eyes and crack up over your rants because its SO first year art school and youre sadly unaware that your kind of "wisdom" is an "obvious" that we all learn when were 17 and move on from, but for you its NEW. Hurray for you.
Im no longer going to publish your comments youre the only negative person on here. We've all had a laugh and no the drunk at the bar wont shut up...bye gurl.

fang said...

she only posts here because nobody obviously listens to her in her real life either.

deema said...

I so look forward to your writings your rantings and your point of view every time I log on. Keep up the good work kid.

xoxo Glenn

Marcel said...

....and Alexander is still dead.