Thursday, February 25, 2010

I see you your Johnny Weir and I raise you Raphaella Carra

She RELENTLESSLY has been hitting the Italians and Spaniards with HIGH FAGGOTRY for years! This spectacle is yet another example. I like how her entry is totally surprising because you totally expect something completely different. I love how SHE is the man, and then that outfit at the end is BEYOND ALL COMPREHENSION, its like a muppet show outfit but then TOTALLY nasty at the top, she does NOT STOP fucking with our heads... thank you Raphaella for showing me something new and thus letting me experience what it is to be alive!


Cristián said...

LMAO! Once again, David to the rescue with our daily Raffaella fix.

For those non-Spanish-speaking reading this blog, here’s a bonus Slick-It-Up Close-Caption simulcast translation of her “monologue” (?).

As Voice-Over in the air asks “Quién es Raffaella?” (Who is Raffaella?”), she responds: (Warning: any reminiscence to any Celine/Barbra/Cher/Liza on-stage speech you may have ever heard is pure coincidence!)

“...oh, if only I’d knew it. It’s very difficult to explain it, really, who Raffaella Carra is. A woman. A woman who likes to live. To live with people, talk to people, be with people, and of course: to sing and dance for the people. In this next hour I will try to sort of do like a little sketch of my personality, who I am, and tell you something about my life. For example, when I first started I loved, but really loved, soul music. So much that I even wished I would have been born as a woman of color. Yes, yes! Really! I would have sang with total devotion songs like this one for example...”

And so now we know why and how she transitions into the Beyond-All-Comprehension outfit.
Which even after all her explanation and introduction, I still neither comprehend it.

Long live Raffaella!

Erik said...

There was such an overload of pink in the show that the VHS technology just couldn´t handle it!

Anonymous said...

oh yes, thank you for showing us something new. if i have to look at one more of dave's mugler/treacy knockoffs, i'll die.