Sunday, February 21, 2010

If you dont get the slomins shield hysterical women will ruin your life.


Anonymous said...

Two things...
I was at the gym and because I'm crazy, one of the free floating thoughts I had today was the exchange you had with a reader about your statement essentially saying "don't do drugs" as a response to McQueen's suicide. And how he thought you were being flippant about Alexander McQueen's death and then your lengthy response to that... anyhow... I get what you're saying. It needs to be said, and from within our community. So much of the gay world is art imitating life, life imitating art. Because of that, it's sometimes hard to be REAL and have a voice speak up and say "THIS IS DUMB! STOP IT!" If any good can come from anyone's death, this would be an example. Provoking dialogue, or at least adding relevant substance to an argument AGAINST drug use is good, even though his death is not.

On a MUCH lighter note, I was in New Jersey last month and saw this ad for the home security on TV and squealed with laughter! I called two of my friends, one in California and one in Colorado to tell them about it... I likened it to a fantastic commercial parody from SNL. Hilarious.

: )


ps... it is disturbing that you can pull off a bloody nose, scowling or smiling.

David Mason said...

Thank you :)

the mrs said...

hahahahahahaha. this is one of the most realistic ads I have ever seen. i love that even with the alarm system, the "solution", life is still totally HELL for these poor dudes.

and who says all advertising is fantasy?!?!