Monday, February 22, 2010

Just finished watching RuPauls Drag Race...

They chopped the wrong gurl... I wont say who incase you didnt see it but they kept this whack ass CHICKEN CLICHE of a thing on the show cause shes GROSS AS A PERSON... Which we all know is the secret to making it on reality tv.
And speaking of Ru, her billboard is everywhere in Manhattan and a solid 75% are LOVINGLY DEFACED, but my favorite CRIMINAL MAKE OVER is the one in MY subway station... Its such a sign that I made the right move moving here...
I like how they carefully BLACKED OUT the WHITE of her eyes but left her iris and pupils... Its actually pretty fierce and Ive never seen that before... someone totally needs to do this effect with a contact lens cover now.. its really fuckin good.
OH and speaking of blacking out the white... NO I didnt get RUFFIED .. AGAIN... Im just wondering why Ru had the goggles shes wearing blacked out. I know Ru does most of her own retouching AND she is a fan of House of Vader so RU, can you please tell us why?? I thinking there were just weird distracting refections..
Oh and Logo needs to stop pushing that gross gay dude who supposed to be some kind of stylist or somethings show but his concept of "style" is just "GAY" ..sorry thats not style, or funny, or even entertaining its just offensive and unfunny. Its like hes wearing GAY BLACKFACE. (lo)Go AWAY and STOP TRYIN' IT CAUSE WERE NOT BUYIN' IT..(Swear to GOD I just made that phrase up and youre welcome to start over using it- but not you horrible obnoxious untalented gay loud man with shitty tv show!).. Logo please make it and I do mean IT stop... Its particularly offensive to me not just for the gay minstrel show he puts on but the fact that he is supposed to be creative or something and as a actually creative homosexual I do not want to be likened to this person., and yes perhaps I have a hard time with this person because I COULD see myself in this person but that part of me that I see was the most OBNOXIOUS part of me at 14 with ZERO SENSE of self and an entirely DILUTED sense of reality, so sorry I dont have sympathy this dude he is NOT 14.. or 24 ... or 34 and obnoxious is not a qualifier for creative... Someone in his life, like a grandmother or something, must have tried to be nice and described him as "creative" once and he believed it and RAN WITH IT, when they really just didnt wanna say AWFUL AND GAY. I know Im just being straight up MEAN but Im sorry I think the dude is offensive.
OH on a much happier note, and speaking of billboards!?! ALEXIS BITTAR?!?! Who is she... shes GENIUS... I seriously walked by this today and a man about 6' 6" walked by it at the same time and EXCLAIMED to the WORLD with SHOCK and JOYOUS DISBELIEF ..."JOAN COLLINS?!?!" I couldnt have said it better.


Murray said...

Ok this Joan Collins shot has been all over the media here - It's for a jeweller called Alexis Bittar. She looks good, but Joan honey, don't give me all that 'I dont believe in surgery/airbrushing' crap. Lady, you're 76 years old!! With the skin of a 19 year old. And she wants it back. Scroll down the link for pics of Joanie 'au naturel'. That camera NEVER lies. (oh and I have the Alexis Bittar shot as my iphone wallpaper - always makes me smile)

brando said...

Ooooh Murray! Throwing soo much shade, haha. Queen, we all know she's old and that's photoshop, it's still a fierce photo. In this day and age, no one is that daft to believe she still looks like that or that ANY celebrity is as pretty as their pictures.

But as far as RuPaul goes, they TOTALLY kept the other girl because she's a better villain. Totally!! I actually felt bad for Sonique after watching Untucked when she admitted that she was acting cunty because of her own insecurity and that she was sorry. That gremlin is a good performer though, so she'll bring a good level of competition.

They really hated that big girl Mystique! Damn! But that's another story.

jerek said...

MMM are you talking about this Robert Verdi guy? I was curious so I went to the Logo site to see. He's a twat. Also, embarrassing... Why would I watch a whole show based around someone I wouldn't spend 5 minutes with in real life?

Stan said...

David you are SO right on target about LOGO being more and more of a gay minstrel network. They've been in need of a total overhaul of programing over there for a long time now. What a fucking waste!
I know about the guy and show your talking about and seeing the previews were enough to not watch it.

David Mason said...

Yeah Gremlin... Totes to the Gremlin realness!
Yeah i actually surprisingly liked Sonique, i even liked the way she spelled her name. She looked like SUCH a sun damaged ho out of drags but Im a DOUCHE for saying that because I thought she seemed nice and real even, and then I felt bad and then bad again when she got the chop.
SEEE I was right about lady gaga, they said she did a bad lady gaga but she DIDNT she flopped because there IS nothing to do if youre lady gaga because there is no personality, gaga gives us nothing but a look so you cant possibly impersonator her because theres nothing to impersonate except a look.
Its not soniques fault, she just didnt think ahead and realize that theres nothing there to impersonate so even if she did an amazing impression it would still be empty because lady gag is sort of empty!

LakeEric said...

ugh, Robert Verdi is a supposed "style expert" thinks not! And his character is so tragically tired its narcoleptic.

I'm pulling for Tatianna "I think I can I think I can" little choo-choo train tranny. You know they will play her and Morgan la Gremlin to the hilt!

Avenjer said...

Sonique had the moves during that lipsych but, I knew they'd choose the other. Drama rules all reality shows. You don't know how many times I wanted give a beat down to the judges on project runway for keeping someone who was a one note just for drama. Santino is a funny guy but his ass is a perfect example of someone who got to stay when his work was pretty bad in most challenges. As for Logo, are you talking about "sunglasses head?" Sunglasses head has jumpped around from channel to channel on various shows for years. And I've been wondering who this scrotum with sunglasses slept with to get on tv? He must have some charm in bed because he has none on camera. Logo might as well have a show with Bobby Trendy giving us style tips.

Aaron said...
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David Mason said...

Aaron is NOT HAVING IT this morning?!!!?!!
As far as the retouching and goggles are concerned Ru said:
brilliant. adore.

Mathu does all my photography & retouching.
the opaque goggles are partially a wink at post-modern art
and partially us being retarded.

i never want to chop any of the children.
i live for them all, but chopping is a nasty necessary evil.y.


santinorice said...

Do you know what's funnier than reading someone's blog comment that says you suck?
It's knowing that if you truly suck, then they really fucking suck!
That's priceless & too fucking funny!

Comes with the territory!
I was born great, I will remain great, & I continue to create great beauty. I can sing, and I can dance, and I can make people laugh, and I can look great doing it. Hate away!

Hate on me if you want, but everything I ever made on Project Runway had a concept and was purposeful. My work was critiqued the hardest by "fashion experts" but at the end of every challenge, there was always much worse that had to go.

You see when you're multi-talented, people will try to discredit your talent as "too this" or "because of that" - I SAY, FUCK YOU! I'll defend myself and my point-of-view to any self-loathing, tasteless human who wants to come for me.

So Avenjer, stick to jerking off to cartoons, (not judging) but leave Fashion to a real fashion designer; One who loves life and loves to laugh and will continue to create on this Earth regardless of what you think about his work. I liken your comments to Robert Verdi's, so maybe you have a future career as a "fashion expert"???

Rupaul's Drag Race is the best fucking show on TV. I'm proud to be involved and I'm a fan of anyone expressing their creativity. The show will not cure the mediocrity of homosexuality in the 21st century, but it will inspire the up-and-coming ones that matter.

LOGO is a new network that is at odds against the entire society in which we live. I can cut them some slack on how they're developing and their shows that they are producing. No other network wanted to fuck with "a show about a bunch of homosexuals dressing up like women"- How fucking stupid are those other networks?
There's much more to the show than that, but must I remind you what people really think about you?

David, I think you're great and I'm a fan of your blog and your line, Slick It Up. I'm glad you're watching the show and you took the time to write about it. Thanks!

Much Love,

Avenjer said...


Yes, I said something mean.

I wrote one sentence about you.
You then wrote 5 paragraphs about me. Hmmm...

I think the designer doth protest too much.

Obviously, I got under your skin, and the hate was flowing freely. Darth Vader would be so proud. But parts of what you said were funny and full of drama. Which is why you make for good tv. I must admit, I that would watch you over Robert. So, you have something there. Thanks for what you had to say. It's not 100% accurate but, I can use it to grow and be a better person. To say, sorry I was a bitch to you. But if I can upset you that much in one sentence then maybe you're right, and I too have a future career as a fashion expert. Logo, I await your call. Luv to you, Ru and the rest. I'll still be watching. Hate on me anytime.

Avenjer :)

santinorice said...

I make great life, motherfucker! Fuck good TV!

Even writing 1 word against me is like committing suicide. That's on you, Avenjer! You wanted to talk shit and I'll serve it right back in your face. Sure, you have the freedom to say whatever you want to say.

You didn't get under my skin. I enjoy calling idiots out for their bullshit and loose lips; Especially on the internet where you think you can say whatever you want without any repercussions.

I've heard much worse from far more worthy, it's nothing new to me. You are hardly "mean" you're just lame and self-loathing. You ain't got shit on Darth Vader dude! I don't take your comments personally. I enjoyed answering your comments. I have a gift with words- so don't think I stayed up all night crafting something special for you.

If you intend to "read" me, you better try to fucking kill me! And anything you write on the internet's bathroom wall- you better be able to back it up in person! So get back to your World of Warcraft Second Life and stop trying to look cool on a site that I read and visit regularly. I could give a fuck if you watch any show I'm on or not, ever! You played yourself- no apology necessary.

No one will be calling! No one will ever call!