Friday, February 26, 2010

LATOYA LIVE FROM POLAND!...Inarguably the worst piece of shit ever.. Thank you TOY TOY!

Wow Latoya KIND OF does Grace Jones' version of La Vie en Rose yet somehow takes it and makes it ALL HER OWN!!! God bless the Poles, such kind people! They deserve a humanitarian award for sitting through this and not stoning her, I could only take about 17 seconds but still had to post it.
Toy Toy is so Special Special!


JiffyJim said...

OMG, she is so NOT Edith Piaf or Grace Jones...make it stop, make it stop!

Anonymous said...

Whiney - I want to shoot her.

Anonymous said...

Well I dont call her LaToilet for nothing. She got a voice like
a clogged one.

Erik said...

This is what they should use in Guantanamo Bay!

Stan said...

WOW! shows you just how starved they must be for entertainment over there.

fang said...

rofl @Erics comment!

Dave...she's very special indeed.

'Special needs' that is.