Thursday, February 25, 2010

Product review: Im fully queening out right now but...L'oreal Skin Genesis Pore minimizer

Surprisingly its NOT a POOR minimizer, it actually seems to work. Its FUCKING EXPENSIVE, for something as retarded as a PORE MINIMIZER, its like 21.00 a bottle and its a SMALL bottle mind you, and it takes 5 weeks to work?! Which is about an entire bottle BUT I will say it does seem to work. Its not MAJOR, I'm not serving "Communion alien"...YET.. it still looks like my head is sculpted out of MASHED POTATOES but I will say its a FINER BLENDED mashed potato!, not my usual "country style" mash grade?! I dunno how long it works for and if I keep using it how much smaller my pores will get but I NEEDED IT. Im all for dude face, I dont wanna looked like a BABOON but I dont wanna look like BILL CLINTON either ok?! He is what I think of when I see my pores all open and swollen like HUNGRY SEA ANEMONE!
So I dunno, if youre feeling like your pores are growing like the ozone layer then Id say try it. It seems to work and you can privately queen out in front of the mirror and apply this stuff while talking like the fake "Jackie Collins" lady from Troop Beverly Hills and repeat what its supposed to do like a CRAZY PERSON MANTRA "Smaller pores equals SUPER SMOOTH SKIN" or my personal INSANE QUEEN face creme mantra simply..."translucence!"... then you can go feel guilty about it and hate yourself for being such a vain homosexual and have dirty fetish sex where a straight type guy ( but you know damn well he uses the SAME DAMN CREAM but youre willing to let it slide for this hot moment of FETISCHE) calls you a faggot while you eat his butt out?!... THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!!!.... aaaahhh love.


Anonymous said...

I am suprised you aren't a male hand model...look how perfect those nails and hands are!


Erik said...

I´d love to make my uber straight breeder brother read this entry, just to watch his utterly baffled face as he didn´t understand a word you said :)

Anonymous said...

do you know if they make a cream that helps with "rat" face? if they do you should buy it, maybe it could help with the beady eyes/arched brows/i'm a flamer but overcompensating potatohead syndrome you got.