Monday, February 22, 2010

Product review: Plasmajet

Ok So these nitrogen pill things people are now selling seem to work but the concept is sorta silly because they seem to be PURELY FOR VANITY but then again its not like I lift for the SPORT of it..
What you do is, in this products case, is take TEN gelcaps 1-2 hours before working out, its actually easier then you think, theyre soft and easy to swallow, and you do this every other day. What the desired effect is that its supposed to give you a bigger PUMP at the gym, and it DOES. I mean I took them and I get ROIDY and SWOLLEN for the few hours Im at the gym which is fun because it looks nice, but aside from that Im not exactly sure they have any long lasting effect. Its supposed to "maximize vaso-expansion ( What exactly is a VASO?) so more oxygen, amino acids, and other "muscle building blocks" ( why the "OTHER" - just say them, cause I dunno what "other" means) can get to your muscles cells while carbon dioxide, creatine, and other "muscle waste products" can be SHUFFLED AWAY from your muscle cells"... Who knows. Im just gonna be honest. It works at giving you a big pump at the gym and thats good enough for me. The rest of my day im either home alone or in bed so if I look juicy at the gym and only a couple hours afterward thats good enough for me. Theyre not so cheap but I recommend them if you want that extra little "upgrade".
I get them here at Evas on 8th between 5th and 6th, I dunno where else they sell it but I bet you can find it online cheap. If you have a bodybuilding shop in your city then buy from them, I always feel like vitamin shop and GNC are sorta c grade products shops/ snake oil stores.


gavin said...

Might be a good idea to use for photo shoots just after a workout.

youreviltwin said...

i think they're using it as a synonym for vasodilation, which is the expansion of/widening of the blood vessels, which relaxes the smooth muscle cells that basically regulate blood flow... that's probably why you get the bigger "pump," because the muscles are getting more blood... the veins and stuff probably stick out way more if you're taking something like that, too.

vaso as a prefix refers to blood vessels.

hooray for A&P! i LOVE using all those new terms and words!

Anonymous said...

'Vaso' refers to vasculature, i.e. blood vessels. What they are trying to say is that it dilates the veins.

I'm not a physician, but the 'building block' bit is probably bullshit. Muscles get built at rest, right? Getting oxygen and fuel in and waste out during the workout makes more sense.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm . . . sounds like what creatine does.

I do love your endorsements. Because of your enthusiasm for Neutrogena wrinkle creams, I bought some at Target for my face and eyes. Hey, you do look younger than your age so maybe the stuff really works!