Monday, February 1, 2010

RuPauls Drag Race is ON!

I feel its not cool to admit but everyone, that I know at least, is watching Rupauls Drag Race, like me, so I dunno why its not cool to say you watch it, maybe Im just projecting my own homophobia on to others as I tend to.. DAILY, I need to get over it.
The new season has a million times better production values, better art direction, Ru looks better and is somehow funnier, the guest judges seem better so far and the contestants seem a little better. Tatiana and Raven are the most enjoyable to look at I feel. Tyra is also pretty good but as a "real" person he comes off as SHADEY and by SHADEY I mean "I like to steal from my job, and from cars in the parking lot at my job, and from the credit card numbers I take on the phone when I pretend to be a credit card operator to elderly people I find in the phone book, and how do I find them you ask? I look for names like RUTH, MILDRED, MYRTLE and EDNA and then I call them.. its NOT ILLEGAL TO ASK!". Raven looks like Marc jacobs as a man but Pete burns doing Raphaella Carra as a woman. You know that the "Father Figure" video is a mantra for her so she gets points for projecting that, and Tatty just is the prettiest yet not pageanty, which is refreshing for the drag scene.
Straight Phil and I bond over Rupauls drag race so im excited to share it with him online whilst we have lunch. I laughed out loud during the civil war themed shoot when the queens wig blew off and Ru exclaimed "Those DAMN YANKEES have taken EVERYTHING from you!" and "Think Franklin Mint plate!" was good for a chuckle too.
Its on Mondays at 9 on logo, and Im assuming will be online as well.
ps. I love that the commercials are for VODKA, REHAB CENTERS ( That have a list of vices including CRACK in bold letters) , and that Orbitz commercial that USED to be clever until they had to CHOP THE FUNNY PART because LATINS got pissed that he makes a joke about how its tricky to make the plural of HERNANDEZ and originally said " Hernandezesezez..." but now they just say "Hernandezes" .. People are so retarded, I imagine its the FIRST time anyone has every made fun of their name and, DARE I SAY, they WIGGED OUT... HELLO my name is CHLOPECKI, that got changed to ChloPECKER in about 1/8 of a nanosecond... get over it Mr hernandez! It was funny and not even mean... Poor ONLY TOWN JEWESS / ADOPTED RED HEAD Lisa SUCKMAN had it MEAN.. OK?!?! She started pronouncing it SOOKMAN in high school... TOO LATE... and I wont even THINK of saying I had it that bad being that one of the only two black girls in school, the fat one, was named Nicole Backus, which was IMMEDIATELY transformed into Nicole BLACKASS, and whats worse it was Lisa SUCKMAN who thought of it OF COURSE??!!!?!!


James said...

Oh ma GAWD! I LOVE that picture!

James said...

Oh, btw, I thought I was the only one that caught that Orbitz edit. I went online to dig up some dirt, and lo and behold, here's what I found:

David Mason said...

Im glad i wasnt the only one who noticed it!!

Leatrice said...

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