Saturday, February 27, 2010

Um YEAH you DID just see that blonde chick use a LIVE GIANT TORTOISE as a stepping stone!

I about choked on my protein bar three solid times during this EXACTING TRIBAL RITUAL, by :58 I was shaking my head like "Oh Raphaella youve done it AGAIN..HOW?!" and by 1:08 I gave up asking HOW and WHY and was just thanked GOD for HER and started coming to terms with the fact that everything in this world is not under my control and there are FAR GREATER POWERS IN THE UNIVERSE WELL BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS!
I like how Raphaella has that National Geographic "hands off" style and INVISIBLY becomes one of the tribe! Fearless trekking into an UNKNOWN WORLD like Dian Fossey she seamlessly blends in with these "savages" and not only masters this WILDLY complex and exotic dance but STARS as the LEAD?!?!

... Dear Raphaella Carra,
I love you,


gavin said...

Hey, I can do that dance move where they kneel and bob their head up and down!

Really well, in fact.

JiffyJim said...

The guys looked pretty sexy in that video...I love her hair flick at the end :-) ...nice finishing touch!

brando said...

The hair whip during the big dance sequence... it's all about that hair whip.

Aaron said...

OMG they totally ripped this off for AVATAR.

James said...

I just can't get over how perfect her hair is. That is some straight up Sally Hershberger Voodoo.