Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The census is for "gooks"???!

I actually worked for the census 11 years ago. Going to trailer parks asking the people for their proper mailing address. It was pretty interesting. Surprisingly not too much kookery. Just one creepy but perfectly normal looking house that was filled with those religious weirdo candles all lit up during the day and he yelled at me and wouldnt give me any info, and another one was this old lady in a trailer that talked about A-rabs but also called them GOOKS... I was confused but HAD to know more so I actually questioned her on it as opposed to just saying "bye". I was like "Arent gooks Koreans or something???" because she was talking about "Arabia" but then she clarified to me that "Gooks" is a term her husband uses, and to her husband "Everyone else is a GOOK"...nuff said.... Bye... I should have bowed and shuffled away backwards.
I never actually did the census though and I just filled it out, all they ask is your sex and your "race", that seems weird to me. Like thats it?! Race?..really... I cracked up over the "some other race" box. You could tell they didnt know how to phrase that one, after confirming whether or not you were SPANISH, clearly the main concern, they list about 15 other "races" but then finally just have a "some OTHER race" box.. I wanted to check it.... Gaylien, thank you.


Stan said...

I wish they would make it more interesting like asking sexual orientation? top or bottom? kinks?

witomski said...

Dave...Lucky you! They're still pitching that fucking sweet potato pie on every street corner here in Baltimore!.....Joe

Tom said...

I got the long form they send to about 10-20% of households. When you check the gay box under sexual orientation, a heretofore invisible question pops up asking if you buy from this fetish company called "Slick It Up." They wanna know what you buy, how often you use the products, and to what extent they increase your sexual pleasure. They're especially curious about the flag thong since they believe those who buy it are more likely to fill out their census forms as completely and accurately as possible.

Once the data is compiled, maps of Slick It Up census data will be available on the census website. These maps will be color coded using light pink, hot pink, purple, zebra and leopard.

gavin said...

I read they're asking if you're gay this time around.