Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Farewell sweet cupcake and you too Mr Red Velvet... My lover.

I still love and have always loved a cupcake but now you cant say it because you look like an asshole. Theyre SO PLAYED OUT?! The same goes for red velvet cake. You never used to be able to find them anywhere and now you cant NOT stand on a street corner and see someone WAVING A CUPCAKE. EVERY restaurant now serves red velvet cake.. I still like them but it used to be special.. Its like when you have a fuck buddy who is in an open relationship, or you are, and he has a great ass or a nice dong or a great hairy chest or whatever you enjoy and then one of you becomes single so now you can have that ass or dong or great hairy chest ANY TIME so the thrill is GONE and youre just over it. Thats how I feel about cupcakes and red velvet cake. You smile and say "Hi" on the street, but youve fallen out of lust for them for sure and now are into ice cream.. but no worries, theyre fine, theyve found someone else too.. but shes fat, which makes it easier on YOU and he (the cupcake) feels he can trust her, so its easier on him too...shes not going anywhere.


youreviltwin said...

genius analogy.

David Mason said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

According to the NYTimes, the new "it" dessert is the macaroon. Something about macaroons being featured on Gossip Girls and being very popular in LA at the moment.