Thursday, March 4, 2010

I saw this on Benoit Prevots blog

Click HERE to visit Benoits blog. You can tell from his love of this clip how this sort of thing influenced his art. I really like the matte grey set and the stripes on the mans sweater how they get bigger as it goes up his torso making his chest look wider and his waist smaller. Cyd moves so beautifully, she really has a kind of grace you normally only find in exotic fauna. Im not usually so into this sort of thing but both her and the guy make it look so incredible its hard not to watch.... I wonder if this sort of thing confused old school homosexuals... Like I can see myself as a homosexual in the 50s thinking that Id like women if they would just be like Cyd Charisse... I like that her name is Cyd too, I like it when sexy ladies have dudes names... i dunno why but its appealing.


youreviltwin said...

My aunt Cyd was named after Cyd Charisse.

Lucien said...

Looking at that clip - I think she could turn men straight with those LONG LONG GAMS - wow what a dish she was