Thursday, March 11, 2010

I think my assistant is a closet DISTANT future tranny.?!

Im not saying that Phil wants large breasts or vaginoplasty but I am saying that I think Phil is going to TRANSITION when he turns about 84!?! I think he doesnt woman be a woman, I think he wants to be an OLD WOMAN!!! I think he figures that at about 84 both men and woman are about hormonally equally and you really cant tell one from the other and I think he CANNOT WAIT and is totally gonna pull off the SWITCH... Like totally move to a retirement home in Phoenix and be like " ehhhh...helloo...myyyy naaaammmme issss Phyllis ..." and everyone will TOTALLY fall for it.... EXCEPT ME!!! and thats when I reveal him as FRAUD and throw my head back from underneath the disc hat Im wearing while im sitting in my JAZZY and exclaim "CHARLATAN!?! THATS A MAN!!!"
I dunno why but Phil LOVES old ladies. He wanted to be the old lady from Titanic for halloween?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! That one STILL throws me..who even thinks of that? Halloween IS fantasy night after all and while everyone else is a sexy fill-in-the-blank Phil is an OLD LADY which I think in his mind IS SEXY!? He once told me he had FINE AND DELICATE HANDS....and MEANT IT?!?!!! His goldfish, which just died and he put the news on facebook which I believe is a total case of MUNCHAUSEN SYNDROME BY PROXY, he named ESTHER..... Im just sayin its all comin' together?!... in my brain at least... and Im ALL FOR IT.


Phillip said...

In my defense, it was Oscar's suggestion to be the old woman from Titanic because he just happened to have that diamond and a shawl lying around - wasn't my idea and it never went past a suggestion. That being said, I have to take my Metamucil and head to bed - it's almost 8:00.

Your Granny Tranny Assistant.

David Mason said...

I know it was his suggestion but I want it to be yours so forever in history in my mind it will be yours.

witomski said...'s always great to come here and get my "off center with reality" fix!.....Joe

El Brucio said...

You know, based on your postings about your employees, I'm never sure if working for you is totally awesome, or a series of bizarre torments.