Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spunky tiny asian tranny is THE ultimate accessory.

Kinda like a Salacious Crumb to my Jabba the Hutt realness, Jujubee of Rupauls Drag race cracked me up.
Believe it or not the show is really fuckin good and youll get more out of it then a laugh. Clearly the people involved in the show have had some good therapy. Its smart and has heart actually. I mean I mentioned that line the one queen said after getting the chop on the blog before "I guess theres more to life then being better then everybody." and three people mentioned it to me afterward ...INCLUDING MY THERAPIST?!?!? He doesnt read my blog though... I HOPE... I had just mentioned it to him in the past and he brought it up again today and I just felt like damn, who knew it would have such RESONANCE?! Someone needs to buy her a drink wherever she is...That is some SAGE ADVICE...


gavin said...

I'm watching the show, too.

But I must say last year's contestants were MUCH more talented, together and diverse in styles.

This year it's just a bunch of broke-down, young country queens who don't know what they're doing and have no influences beyond Beyonce.

JuJu Bee and Pandora are notable exceptions, but even Pandora is half-assed.

I really respected Bebe, Nina Flowers, Shannel, Ongina and Tammie Brown as ARTISTS and their styles were very bold and unique.

I hope QUEENS OF DRAG gets picked up for broadcast -- it has Lady Bunny, Hedda Lettuce and other experienced, NYC queens:


David Mason said...

I actually disagree, I like this bunch more. I thought the last bunch were cheap for the most part. I think pandora and juju seems smart and funny. Raven actually cracks me up a lot but not because of her humor but for her very honest facial expressions.
I feel like the winner of this group will be a lot more deserving then the finalists of the last group. The winner of lasts year just seems like a crazy weirdo liar african person who thinks they can just lie about anything because they figure Americans have no idea what she is or where she came from.... a male model in paris?!?!?!....The Absolut ads are killing me!... Just because they speak french in Cameroon it doesnt make it PARIS..Ok?!
And wearing a sauce pot on your head and accessorizing with a wooden spoon and strutting around for your mother doesnt make you a "model" either... believe me I TRIED...

brando said...

I like them both but the girls this season are serving more fish than last. The first season I felt gave you more traditional drag queens and this year the girls are really going for the female illusion.

Nina Flowers is still my favorite regardless- no one can beat a face like she did and I thought Shannel was good too but this season I'm really feeling Tyra the most (style-wise only, she's a cunt and a half) and Tatiana if she pulled her style together more.