Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kano is fierce.

He had me with the title alone and his style is AWESOME, it doesnt get much more "real" and of course I LOVE his back up dancer- the mannequin operated by fishing line.
That moment between 2:02-2:18 is a PRECIOUS MOMENT. SO GOOD, you would NEVER see that today, its GENIUS... REAL... IF someone was smart theyd totally FAKE that moment, like "Yeah ...here I am just sitting here for FIFTEEN SECONDS waiting for my lines... just you and me..sure ... I'll throw you a smile.... Now I'm gonna see how MELTED ICE CUBE tastes..."


zachary said...

this kano is pretty cool too; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBbLjRBbM3w

David Mason said...

They need to remake a street fighter and get Sagat to be Sagat.

Will said...

Its really weird you posted about Kano because i was just listening to this new song from the gorillaz on their new cd, plastic beach, that features Kano (i think its the same one (theres only one right?)) anyway its a good song although idk if youll like it since you like a lot of 80's music and the song isnt really 80s but it is different than all the other shit out there i think