Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Slick It Up Neoflex Sexecutioner hood

Neoflex is a high quality matte black finish rubberized spandex, so you get the comfort of spandex on the inside but a more industrial flat finish black rubber on the outside. Like the rest of Slick It Up gear its very comfortable and never needs polish or powder. Click HERE to pick one up! Theyre very affordable too btw!


Cristián said...

Hey, Dave. One quick question just out of curiosity, as NY's Black Party weekend is approaching soon: Just by chance are you going to have some sort of booth or open showroom/space setup somewhere, to check out/purchase your products in person during those days?

Thank you.

Cristián (the other freak "Rafaella" fan) :)

David Mason said...

Hey Cristian , We wont be having a booth or anything. Im not so into the booth thing personally :) but I dont think there is even a place to do it if I was. Its not like iml weekend or anything.

Cristián said...

This year they are doing one for the first time. It will run during daytime on Saturday, before the night party.
Check it out:

Still I understand, the booth thing becomes too awkward sometimes and it just takes all the fun of the personality of the product itself.

Thanks for your response. :)

rashasha said...

I am sorry that I have to ask, but who is the adorable model that is modelling your hood to its maximum beauty?

David Mason said...

Oh Im sorry, Thats Junior Stellano :) Hes super nice and gorgeous :)