Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No Mandy... dont get up...

FUCKING AWESOME, She just FINGERED DANCED her way deeper into my heart, and YES she did make "ORIENTAL" eyes with her fingers on film but you know it was done LOVINGLY I mean she did just write a beautiful song about Japan... and those lights are so 2013... I CANNOT WAIT!

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gavin said...

Having been born in Hong Kong and deliberately misreporting and hiding her background from the press, there's a chance that Lear is part Asian herself; she kind of looks that way.

So don't sweat the eye-stretching gesture too much, people.

This video is from a less P.C. time; I doubt she's still pulling her eyes anymore.

A lot of our favorite icons were just products of their very racist times, doing what came naturally to an ignorant majority.

On that note, here's the Judy Garland in blackface clip once more, with feeling: