Sunday, March 14, 2010


Im pretty sure purple is my favorite color, though I really like hot pink too, and turquoise with either is a combination made in heaven. Purple is the closest thing to faggoty without having a lisp. It says "Im creative and maybe wealthy and a little mysterious and the closest thing youre going to meet to a super villain, today at least." where as pink says "bottom"... BUT there is a twist to pink, if you can pull of PALE PINK it says "I have the balls to wear pale pink even though I know damn well youre gonna comment, but I know we BOTH know that, so therefore we both know Im willing to wear it IN SPITE of making myself open to critique which means Im ready and waiting for you to DARE to say something and THEREFORE its a TRAP and youre walking into something potentially go ahead MAKE MY DAY" which I think is attractive.
This is my idea of the color wheel and how they read according to how gay they are going from most non gay to HIGH FAGGOTRY:
Earth tones.
Black ( we are NOT considering SHEEN here people. Imagine these are all in eggshell finish on a wall.)
Yellow is surprisingly neutral.
Electric blue
Hot pink
Leopard then ZEBRA ( both are COLORS in the gay world)

This list plays in REVERSE if you are from Russia, India, Japan, Brazil or Israel.


Anonymous said...

1) Your new header with the Dino-queens OWNS!

2) Where does Orange sit? I only ask because I love it as a colour, but have always felt too intimidated to wear it (especially with my skin tone).


David Mason said...

Oh I forgot orange?! I would say orange is actually between the red and the yellow.

Kurt Walters said...

I like the jungle man's python wrap.. it's sort of like Sharon Stone's fun-fur in Casino.

John said...

I would put light blue further up the list --in Retail-HellWorld, the straight boys will ALWAYS gravitate towards the relative masculine safety of a pale shade of blue over ANY OTHER color on the wheel! Trust me. --Jack

duaner said...

omg...the last line killed me and nearly made me pee myself!!

David Mason said...

Im so glad somebody liked it, it made me crack up