Thursday, March 25, 2010

Creature that is more fierce the YOU of the day: Romy HAAG- Shes like the villain from Raiders of the lost arc in a WIG ?!

As the song goes on she just gets more and more nightmarish its FANTASTIC!!!!! Nothing about THAT VOICE says "lady", but its does say "SATANICAL MANIAC"! By the time 2:30 rolls around whatever was left of the "lady" is gone and shes now giving us the REAL TRANSDIMENSIONAL NACHTMARE CREATURE that she is!!! She is PERFECT, by 2:10 I was ready to sign over my genitals to go to SUPER PARADISE!!!! Maniacal laughter is RARELY done so well, especially in front of a crowd of UNSMILING krauts, but I dunno if they were smiling it might be even MORE CREEPY. I mean a room full of straight people should NOT BE SMILING when a CACKLING TRANNY threatens to DISMEMBER THEIR GENITALS... MAN or WOMAN?!?!?!!! She RULZ for this!!!


DAVasquez1 said...

Is it just me or does she remind you of a white Grace Jones with hair! Long lost sister? Maybe! :)

David Mason said...

Same tribe, that is for sure.