Thursday, March 18, 2010

Russia is just not in the lexicon of American thought or American fetish..

It was so beautiful out today I went to the Turkish restaurant by myself and ate outside. The Russian waitress didnt even ask me if I WAS Russian she just asked me if I SPOKE Russian, which is very different as it means she figured I was Russian at the very least. Russians and Europeans think im Russian. I go to France and I hear them says "roooosk" to each other when theyre talking about me which I think means Im FAIR HAIRED and TACKY. Everyone in Europe actually figures Im Russian, even in the UK they figure it which is TOTALLY different then the US. Nobody in the US even ever considers Russia. I feel like Americas concept of Russia is DRUNK AND BUSTED, where as Europes concept of Germany is DRUNK AND BUSTED. I think in the states we have this TOTAL FANTASY FETISH version of Germans which the Europeans just dont have because they actually SEE THEM and think theyre FAT AND TACKY as opposed to us who have a total hollywood movie concept of them. I actually dont look German at all, not much about me is even but everyone here assumes German even though the similarities end at tall and blue eyes.
I dunno, Im just saying its interesting that every place always has a concept of the "other". They can be both positive and negative. Much like any fetishistic thinking. I find those fantasies interesting. The negative version of this concept is how every nation talks shit about their neighboring nation when clearly they are quite literally THE CLOSEST THING TO THEM... which is why they have to say it in the first place... Like any self loathing person, just project it on the closest person to you and punish them for "their", which are actually YOUR, crimes...


JiffyJim said...

I just think of you as hot :-) (& friendly, of course, too).

Anonymous said...

I am digging pic #3, not sure why, must be the blue with the handsome mugs.

David I think of you as German and Russian and French and any other fantastic ethnicity that has an uber hot body with great assets. I would have no problem enacting a KGB-Interpol-interrogation-fetish scene with you! Just use your cock as a weapon and threaten to gag me :)~

Anonymous said...

You don't look Russian at all. I saw real Russians in Rome. They tend to be paunchy and have short, spikey hair that is light in color [from what I observed]. There is a very Russian look about them that I can't describe. Many Europeans stayed at our hotel, and each of them really looked like their nationality. It was quite weird.

I would have to think about it to place you as Polish because I would be so distracted by how hot you are. And tall!

gavin said...

The Europeans are better judges of European ethnicities, and you must admit that mistaking you for Russian is a reasonable guess.

#1) You are slavic from one of the whiter, Northern European branches, just like the Russians.

#2) Your complexion is smooth and pure. Nearly blemish-free. Germanic peoples; French, Scandanavians or English tend to have moles, freckles, alabaster skin that burns easily, etc., which rules you out of Western Europe.

#3) Your facial features are finer and less knobby than Western Europeans.

#4) Blond slavs tend to have a thick, uniform and dirtier shade of blond than Western Europeans, which is either the bright Viking/Aryan blond or dirty blondes with mixes of black, grey, etc. Slavs seem to have really pure hair and skin of one tone or another when they're young.

#5) Russians vastly outnumber Polish people and they're more famous. That's probably why Western Europeans guess "Russian" -- guys who look like you more often than not ARE Russian.

#6) You clip your hair very short and have tremendous height, like so many iconic, Russian soldiers.

That said, these are just a few of my anecdotal and highly racist observations; not scientific by any means.

It's never right to assume any person's ethnicity without asking them and verifying it.

But some guesses are better than others.

Why do Americans think you're German? Because they are not exposed to Russians as much. Germans are the majority of whites here and famous for having blonds.

Why don't Americans fetishize Russians as much as Nazis?

Maybe it's because Americans never actually fought a ground war with Russia or had our territory forcibly occupied and dominated by Russia like half of Europe has. Again-- it's a lack of exposure and familiarity.

Tom said...

The caps in pics 4 and 5 reminded of something I read. The author said that military guys in the US sometimes make jokes about the stiffness and tallness of their caps, saying that they bring to mind an erect penis. Now, these Russian guys' caps are so tall and big around, much more than ours, especially the guys in blue. They look kind of absurd, almost laughable, almost too big. They actually look like parodies of themselves. What does that say about Russians, their self concept of their masculinity and how "big" they wanna appear in the eyes of the world?

One more thing. The Russian and German languages turn me on like no others. Sometimes I get quite a boner listening to guys speak these languages. I know French is pretty and all, but man, Russian and German get me going. I was watching a film recently, "As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me" where a soldier is really strongly commanding soldiers in German right at the beginning of the film. I swear if some hot-pretty- muscular-blonde German (or Russian) boy were to start ordering me around in that tone and those languages my balls would fill with need so quickly...

Mathieu said...

I think this often as well.
France - UK, Japan - Korea, Canada - USA, Australia - New Zealand... and probably many more I've never experienced.

Brad said...

Russians are super hot. Look at all the juice head Russians in the city alone.