Monday, March 8, 2010

Styling 101.

These were the two most referenced films, and concepts in general, that EVERY stylist would come to you with as their idea. A solid 50% of the time some girl would show up at my door saying how her shoot was gonna be EDGY and MODERN and ask if Ive ever seen "The Night Porter" or "Blade Runner"... If I had the space I would have just handed them a box with stuff I made and said "Heres the "The Night Porter" box and heres the "Blade Runner" knock yourself out...Oh and heres the fetish wear box because I know thats your next question." ..."Oh and no I dont do womens gloves, heres the card for LaCrasia, because thats your next question after you rifle through the fetish box and dont find any."

Here is some stuff I made that is this schtick, sometime the concept would even be BOTH at the same time.. theyre classics. Its the two main ingredients for "the look". Always pair a latex glove with something classic, modern sunglasses, and then something "40s'" ... styling 101.


youreviltwin said...

if i were a stylist that came to you and got served like that, i would probably literally die of embarrassment.

um, but who hasn't seen BLADE RUNNER?

gavin said...

Wow, I haven't seen the NIGHT PORTER and didn't realize Charlotte Rampling had done such a racy role!

(Though her new cameo in Todd Solondz's LIFE DURING WARTIME is sluttacular, she isn't nude).

Love me some BLADERUNNER, but it is a trite and common influence.

brando said...

I keep forgetting that you worked with Boudicca- one of my old FAVORITES!! God I loved them soo much. Do you know what they're up to now?

Anonymous said...

Blade Runner is one of my favorites!!! Loved Darryl Hannah and Sean Young in it!

David Mason said...

I dunno what theyre up to. I never followed them.