Friday, March 5, 2010

Time bandits

TIME BANDITS was the movie we often rented when I would sleep over my friends house as a kid, I think that and GYMKATA were the most rented. They would NEVER make this movie today because it would be too weird for the weak minded children of today.. and without Katherine Helmonds and Shelly Duvalls name on a roster I dont watch anything!... Sean Connery was kinda sexy in this one though and I always liked the giant cooked ox full of tropical fruit.
I always wanted to rent BLACKOUT though... for obvious reasons as I lusted for the dude on the cover but I never had the balls to ask... too much of a red flag. Which is odd because GYMKATA was a ninja movie with the concept being that a GYMNAST has to learn some ancient martial art to go on some game of death to save his father... a GYMNAST?! Like imagine the lead singer of the Scissor Sisters as an ACTION HERO, and he is a doll and cute no shade against him at ALL, but imagine him as an ACTION HERO and that was GYMKATA... not a red flag at ALL???!?

Oh and i wasnt lying...enjoy...


Cristián said...

I remember I was 13 when I saw this movie in a theater. Must have been my first awakening to the notion of a "daddy figure" as an object of arousal.
The sight of Sean Connery wearing those spandex slips under his warrior garment, and the hard-to-ignore bulge peeking from underneath his gladiator skirt (watch carefully all fighting scenes) definitely left a permanent imprint in my early teenage years.

`Steve Sakk said...

if you like Shelly Duvall & Katherine Helmond check out Jack & The Beanstalk - Faerie Tale Theatre. Its Shelly's series and K.H. is in that episode.