Friday, March 12, 2010

What is that lady from the Father Figure video doing alone in a haunted house dancing with herself?

Dont ask WHY just appreciate it...Yeah this "video" isnt all that BUT I know DAMN WELL if I saw that lady walking toward me down the street Id GAG, for that hair(wig) alone?! The song is rad too, the kind that isnt major the first time you hear it but the kind you play twice and suddenly the song is EVERYTHING and you put it on repeat ALL DAY LONG... Heres another song like that. I just downloaded it yesterday and already played it 27 times which is A LOT for a 7:44 song


Anonymous said...

Wow, did NOT expect to ever see that first video at House of Vader. Not sure why - it definitely serves dark cunt - but I guess it's cuz it was part of the early quasi-"rave" phenomenon which I'm assuming isn't really your thing? Granted the track came out when those trends in music & nightlife were still in their most embryonic stages, before "rave" became equated with "gross-fest" but was definitely a break AWAY from 80's Italo-disco & Hi-NRG.

Anyway I'm an avid collector of old school acid house & newbeat, and I gradually became obsessed with that track a few years ago, so I have all the EP releases of it (there's something like 12 different versions), including the original release where the girl is singing in this BIZARRO obscure Euro accent. It SLAYS.

Here's the original, let me know if you want the other versions:
101 - Rock to the Beat [7"] [1988]

(right click, download linked file as)

Anonymous said...

Oh and then there's these:

Nicky Trax - Acid in the House (1988)

Major Problem - Acid Queen (1988)

Miss Djax - Killer Train (1995)
(The song is SHITTY cuz it's from '95 but the video's all militant/futuristic/fetishy...kinda)

David Mason said...

Damn that "major problem" is major!!! Kim basinger rip off rulz! That sound is SO particular. its like welcome to 90 ...its gonna be HARD CORE!!!
this is the stuff Id hear somewhere and be like " thats what nyc is like"

atthehouseofvader said...

The Aeroplane remixes are all pretty genius. You should also check out the Classixx remixes. Aeroplane is playing at FIXED later this month, if you can stand the bitter-'cause-we-can't-get-into-the-Boom-Boom-Room-on-Saturday-night crowd.

Arturo I said...

Well, actually the original rock to the beat was made by Reese (that is kevin reese saunderson)one half of Inner city

Black Nyx said...

I recommend listening to that Aeroplane remix while watching the video a few posts below of that crazy squid - they totally go together...