Friday, March 5, 2010

A world without He-Man????

Did Skeltetor just say "Oh He-man you VEX me!?!" with a waaaay gayer then gay tone then usual???... um YES.. Thank you Skeletor for being my hero!
I was talking to the dolls from Exterface about doing a He-Man inspired photoshoot and they did NOT KNOW WHO HE WAS???? ACK?! How terrible. The He-man cartoon was my first "Its fierce to be gay" empowerment moment. Why?, because BOTH of the main characters were TOTAL MOMOS and had BODY and were the fuckin MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE?!...Move over JESUS that swimmers body is nice and all but Skeletor is not only SEXY but also has BODY and is a master of not just a planet but the UNIVERSE, and its not his DAD that is famous its HIM... A HUGE difference..!!! Sisters are doin it for THEMSELVES!
I described the show to them like this:
Its about this REALLY GAY guy on roids who wears pink spandex and has self proclaimed "FABULOUS SECRET POWERS" and when he holds up his "magic sword" he transforms into the SAME DUDE but with NO CLOTHES ON... BUT a harness and his enemy is ANOTHER FULL QUEEN who has a BETTER OUTFIT but HARD CORE FACIAL WASTING and the "normal" citizens of Eternia and "straight ACTING" He-Man and friends are MEAN TO HIM about it and call him names so he HATES THEM and so do all his fierce fetishy friends....Its really a story about over coming the parts that are difficult in the lives of gay guys on hormones.

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Dave, I hope you're already familiar with this He-Man treasure by now: