Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Best video ever maybe ?

I dunno I think it might be, I mean it incorporates everything I love, spandex bodysuits, GIANT PASTRIES, crazy people, and freaky fetish caterpillars!, AND its what caused the entire "Parental Advisory" thing on albums when Tipper Gore saw her retarded daughter watch it and start crying when they eat alice alive as CAKE... I LOVE that it wasnt just RAW lyrics that cause it like everyone thinks. It wasnt some hate rap, it was CREATIVITY that sparked fear in the hearts of WHITE WOMEN... FIERCE!!!! HAIL CREATIVITY!!!


Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

I'm with you on the video, but the ending is not believable.

Who burps after they eat cake?

Martha Stewart

Anonymous said...

Well, I like it because I hate the new Alice in Wonderland movie and agree with the message, plus I really like the big tea cups! But to make it the all around best, they really need a glitter toss!

David Mason said...

true, it really could use a glitter toss, like EVERYTHING in this world, that could have been sugar in the tea!

youreviltwin said...

it's a really good song, too. i LOVE tom petty.

It's so scathing lyrically, and you can really hear the contempt in his delivery.