Monday, April 12, 2010

Creature that is more fierce the YOU of the day: JORDANS cage fighting TRANNY BF "ROXANNE"

ROXANNE is the name for Jordans cage fighting bfs inner lady. Roxanne doesnt have to turn on the red light but clearly she HAS, in fact Im willing to bet that EVERY light in her house is red, including the one inside her REFRIGERATOR?! Jordan who is a British "glamour girl" and SORTA their new Samantha Fox has or HAD, I dont follow, a bf who was one of the best CAGE FIGHTERS in the UK and hes OUT as being into womens clothes.. AWESOME... Do NOT fuck with her?! ROXY will KILL YOU with her BARE HANDS?!!!!
I like a broken nose on a dude. I hope Roxanne likes hers too. In my mind BRUTE FACE is the GOLD STANDARD for mating partners. Its funny that there is this COMMON correlation between WRESTLERS and TRANSVESTISISM. My therapist friend pointed out the OBVIOUS that I didnt pick up on at first. Its not that theyre a fighter that is so tough they need the release of being a "lady" its that theyre a "LADY" and have become trained to be the TOUGHEST MAN ALIVE to defend against it.... OMG me and every other dude with muscles pulls a similar stunt?! The classic "boy in a gorilla suit" concept, we do it with muscle, he did it with fighting skills?!??!! SEE we arent that far from the animals making all these clever disguises and unique fancy abilities to defend ourselves.... Thank you Roxanne you RULE, truly a creature fiercer then myself.


thecatwithnotail said...

Alex/Roxanne's profile has been raised a whole 22 letters of the alphabet in the last few months (he's gone from z-list to d-list) in the UK - after winning the celebrity version of Big Brother (past coo-koo housemates: Jackons LaToya and Jermaine, Brigitte Nielson and Jackie Stallone). He now gets to do breakfast TV appearances where he gets to talk - BY HIMSELF!

Fash slag mag star Jordan also had the smarts to marry him in Vegas the minute he won CBB, and then again back in blighty so as not to miss out on the lucrative magazine deal - despite the fact that everyone hates her, she just bulldozes on. Whattagal.

Incidentally, you should check out some of the UK's Celebrity Big Brother, especially the moment Jackie Stallone entered the house, to the knicker-wetting shock of her ex-daughter-in-law Brigitte. Mostly hilarious because Jackie pronounces her name Mwaackie.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Brute Face being a prerequisite for partners. All of my ex boyfriends have had broken noses - it's like the first thing I notice about a guy.

I do find, however, that they also make shitty boyfriends, so much so I've got a reminder for myself to avoid guys with broken noses now...


David Mason said...

Oh I DID see it when it was out, just that jackie / brigitte episode though.

David Mason said...

Thats a GREAT tattoo btw

fang said...

he recently compared himself to Jesus and Ghandi. *no words*

as for her... she's as sincere as a bag of bricks. she's not even classy.

can't stand her.