Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is it wrong to be inspired by this?!

WOW, Im totally inspired. If a fat chinese kid dressed like the Six Flags old man can be WHITNEY HOUSTON, I can do ANYTHING!!!. Hurray for him! This will become viral and every clown who tried to pull the same stunt just got OWNED by BABY BUDDAH!!
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youreviltwin said...

i saw this on justinspace or penis ennui earlier, but i only just now watched it and HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Whitney Houston can't even do that anymore! Roll the fuck OVER, Susan Boyle!

i HAVE NO CHOICE but to repost this.

(i don't think it's wrong to be inspired by this, either. that kid rules.)

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Unknown said...

Wow....I am blown away. The show is from Taiwan, so maybe you should say that he's Taiwanese rather than Chinese ;-) It is a singing contest and they every now and then have some awesome talents. A good show to watch if you happen to be in TW.

Definitely an inspiration!

WineSentient said...

that is pretty awesome. I don't know if you understand it but both the hostess and the voiceover presenter called the guy fatty. She called him "fat brother", and the presenter called him "little fat fat". It's pretty common in Chinese culture to refer to someone fat by those names, but I still think it's mean.