Monday, April 12, 2010

LIFE the series.... and Death the object D'art

You know I like a "nature program"- that is to be said in Dorian Corey voice- but I have to say Oprah as a narrator sucks for THIS particular series. Its not that shes bad at the actual vocals or anything, shes sweet even and she as a TOUCH of wonder, but her HOUSEWIFE approach just makes the series look not so bright. Im glad she has an interest in biology but it just seems like its the FIRST time the lady realized there are creatures out there who are more fierce then her. Shes too "green" to host a show about LIFE. It just feels like shes delivering it while wiping down the kitchen counter in a pink t shirt from Walmart... not to mention on the first episode she makes a TECHNICAL ERROR and delivers some misinformation and doesnt even know it, which makes all the rest of the facts from them on seem less credible... It was about the Komodo dragons..theyre not really "venomous", theyre TOXIC, its very different, but she doesnt know that.... sorry nice is GREAT for pleasant conversation and self help but not analytical discussions on the greatness of LIFE ON EARTH!?!
Oh and I just won a SLOTH, a HYENA and a GERENUK taxidermy in an auction... The Hyena is a TOUCH SATANIC, but when has that ever really been a BAD thing?! Btw did you know that Hyenas are closer in relation to a mongoose then a dog?! learn something new every day.


Joel said...

LOVE the sloth! Now that you've got the large apartment you can gratify the call of the wild. I'd like to find a raven or a bat for my bedroom. Have it perching on the headboard waiting to attack.

Anonymous said...

I hate when there are inappropriate narrators for biology related shows. I say, stick to folks with a biology related background, or an acting background that is somehow related to the program. When mis-statments are made, it really upsets me and makes me want to turn off the show!

The hyena is very cool! I pose this question to you Dave: Can one have too many taxidermied animals in one's apartment?


brando said...

Where is the Gazelle going? She's the only one that matters. Maybe low next to a chair?

David Mason said...

the Gerenuk is going to the left of my computer , it will be peeking out from behind the blue curtain, I THINK but i dont want it to be to gimmicky. The hyena is the hardest to know where to put.... Maybe you should come over when I get them and we should go through the placement opportunities...

Anonymous said...

OK - this is a while in coming - but the Gerenuk has cemented the necesity of making this declaration:


I have a Taxidermied hawk which I love, but nothing as fierce as a GERENUK!

ALSO - I got my order in just over a week. WTF? How is that even possible? I live in the Antipodes! It should have taken at least a month.

Did you use Unicorn magic?


Anonymous said...

Well that is no fair. You guys get to have all the fun of placing the animals! Wouldn't the sloth be cute hanging over the bed, so when someone looks up, they see it hanging over them, ready to drop?