Thursday, April 29, 2010

The new T Shirt at Slick It Up

The new Slick It Up T shirt serves up a more classic fetish image then the original logo T. Its printed black on navy so its VERY subtle so you can wear it anywhere as it is a much more OBVIOUS fetish image than the other logo illustration I did which could be a wrestler, a super villain, a fetish top... who knows. Its an American Apparel t shirt which costs 16.00 BLANK in the store and we sell it with the image for 17.99 so its not like Im doing it for the profit. i do it more for press and because I think its just SEXY and its hard to find a good t shirt I feel. I also like the the printing of the face is sorta thick so you can actually feel his stubble if you touch the image! Pick one up HERE


Orlando said...

Who is that cutie modeling the tee????

David Mason said...

His name is Chase, I need to use him in a legitimate shoot soon :)

El Brucio said...

When I first saw the image of that guy in the t-shirt in your post, I was squinting and saying to myself ...."that shiny patch isn't a semen blob, is it?"

Clicking on the photo to get a bigger version revealed it was just light reflecting off of it.

So do I just have a dirty mind or was that done on purpose?

David Mason said...

you have a dirty mind

gavin said...

Chase is a dream boat.

What a hunk!