Friday, April 16, 2010

Pia delivers the biggest CRAP SPECTACLES ever!

I mean she must be AMAZING in bed because how did her rich husband who paid for all of her "fame" not just sit there and say "How and why is tremendous sums of my hard earned money being spent on my mentally ill wifes demented faggoty fantasies?!"


Cristián said...

Why? Beacause after doing this faggoty epic with Jermaine Jackson in the first place ( she earned to be redeemed for lifetime of any guilt and shame for anything else.

brando said...

I have a feeling, it was that black queen dancing was behind this mess. I bet he was really happen to dress that bitch up in 'avante garde' looks and warp her into thinking the shit she was making was gold.

I can hear him now, "Guuurrl, I just did this video with Pia (he's a cunt like that, he won't say her last name) and it's ovah honey! I art directed. We've got fire and the boys are giving it to you in speedos and devil tails gurrl. Miss thing!" Ughh!!

And WHY was Jimmy Hendrick's in her hell?!?!?!

Kurt Walters said...

Did Paul Verhoven ( too lazy to look up proper spelling) direct this? And then revisit it again for the 'storyline' for Goddess?

Cristián said...

By the way, Dave, here's a little ad-hoc gift to start enjoying your weekend.
Following this theme of trash divas in spandex dancing around fire and smoke, here's another one from our beloved Raffaella.
This time she sings one of her biggest hits, "Rumore" ("Gossip") shot on location at Mexico City's pyramids. Get ready to flip upside down while you crack up in your room as around 2' 16" she starts her "stairs walk down, making bombs explode with her dance-move powers." (something tells me you'll love specifically the two by 2' 53" that she triggers using authentic boot-wearing full-head-hight bitch-kicks)

Enjoy it!

gavin said...

Fun stuff.

But I also object to placing Jimi Hendrix in hell.

Unless hell really is as fun as this video. Then Jimi should be there playing, while I fuck the scantily clad, prancing fags.

Especially if Pia Zadora is around. We'll need someone to drown her music out ...