Monday, April 19, 2010

A sneak peek of TELEFANTASY STUDIOS new "sci-fi childrens program" MULTINAUTS premiering MAY 1 !!!

Here are a few stills and back stage shots of MULTINAUTS the AMAZING FANTASY ADVENTURE PROGRAM that my friend Jennifer has been toiling away on for MONTHS now and finally the premiere of the first two episodes is around the corner! Multinauts is a SCI-FI Fantasy program starring among others, Francois Sagat, Leslie Hall, The guy from Yo GABBA GABBA ( I dunno his name), and ME as Oysters Rockefeller the Supreme Executive MEGA VILLAIN. The Multinauts are a band of strangers from alternate dimensions selected by a sentient being to BATTLE THE FORCES OF CHAOS... chaos being ME. It is NOT to be missed! I did the costumes for the villains as well and REFURBISHED a lot of VINTAGE MUGLER and will be using more in the future! Not to toot our own horn but PAPER Magazine called Telefantasy Studios, aka US, one of the "beautiful" people this year based on the STILLS ALONE!
The premier is Saturday May 1 at 11:59pm, New Beverly Cinema, DO NOT miss it! It is... how do you say... "CUNT"!


fang said...

i can only imagine how my life would have turned out for the better had i had Multinauts, David werking it in all that hawt gear, and Francois' buttocks to drool over.

you are doing the Lords work David x

gavin said...

You guys should stream-rent it online. I want to see!