Thursday, April 22, 2010

So this is my current feeling on the RPDR finalists

Jujubee: As a person JUJUBEE is my favorite by far. She seems like a chick I could hang with. Real, funny, sassy, gravely voice.. great. BUT I must say her outfits sorta SUCK. She looks like an asian mom from Orange County. Im not trying to be mean because I like her but I think she has room for improvement. I dunno though, OFF STAGE PERSONALITY really doesnt have much to do with ON STAGE CHARM. Id rather hang with her then any of them but I have to be honest. Cool dude, like him a lot, but I dont think she has enough OOMPH to have the title, she can be the secret star of the show and will have the most success, but not the title.
Tyra: I dont like her BUT she does have a good look and she does do surprisingly well in the challenges. Shes seems like her reading level might be around fifth grade and like I said before I bet she robs from cars in the parking lot of her job, Best Buy, and she has a child, MEGA IRRESPONSIBLE AND DESERVES NOT TO WIN FOR THAT ALONE, but again were not judging them on OFF STAGE SHANANIGANS. Ive often been pleasantly surprised by her comments and ideas but I just wonder how can somebody who comes off like a SPECIAL NEEDS BRICK come up with a funny line or an idea??.. I feel like someone is feeding her ideas and lines off camera, if Im wrong she deserves to win. Because we only really get to see them perform when they LIPSYNCH FOR THEIR LIFE weve never REALLY seen Tyra perform, so I dunno if I like her as a performer, she SEEMS like she could be good but I dunno.. Where as RAVEN AND JUJUBEE have been TROTTED TO THE CHOPPING BLOCK a few times each so we can get a sense what theyre like and know they do a good job.
Raven: Raven is the old pro and I think she probably deserves it the most. She TRIES HARD. I think theres something to be said for effort, because its HARD to GIVE as a gay, and I like her look the most. Its HARSH but we like that kind of harsh. I never said I liked a NATURAL BEAUTY. Shes VERY LA, I can REALLY see her in the dressing room back in the day when I used to dance at CHERRY, she woulda fit RIGHT IN, though I wonder if we would been friends, PROBS NOT. For Raven her best performance is the cunting doctors wife routine she pulls when theyre all back stage. Shes GREAT at it, poised, pious, proper, a PRAYING MANTIS sipping an ABSOLUT ACAI. Her mom must be one seriously CUNTING woman which we can see, makes for a WINNING DRAG QUEEN.


youreviltwin said...

yeah, jujubee always makes me think "hmm, is her look supposed to be really subtley FUNNY sloppy, or does she just not KNOW?"

i love your RPDR review posts, i find them way more fun/less painful to watch than the full episodes, where i typically just want to punch 8 out of 10 people that appear on camera in the face.

brando said...

Jonte and I have been going on about how bad they want JuJu Bee to win SOOOO BAD... but the problem with that is that JuJu is SOOOO BAD. Her performance on the show has not been consistent, she's more of a great party MC than a performer. But watch, I bet they give the title to her- I can't imagine them giving the title to Raven or Tyra, it seems like Ru is more interested in setting an example for drag queens, so I doubt the residing cunts will win.

I think Tyra is the most creative out of all of them and does the best drag. Her voice and demeanor kills it for you though but it's all about illusions, right? haha! But the makeup, the (many) looks she's able to pull- the thought that goes into them- I'm impressed.

Raven... it's hard to judge her fairly when I think she's a human cess pool of hate. BUT her looks have been good too, but when it comes to whose looks I was more excited by, it has to be Tyra's.

Kurt Walters said...

ok.. yeah reading Brando's thoughts I have to agree that Raven does like to just poke n prod responses from people in a real negative way.. buttttt.. not sure if I'm seeing things or not, but I swear if Tyra didn't have immunity on the 'Rock Chick' episode she may have been gone by now.. she kinda sucked, remember? n I swear Ru did a, "'sigh' since you have immunity go join the other girls" look.. Tyra reminds me a bit of Tammy..

gavin said...

Well I want Raven to win because she is the smartest, the best artist and has a good heart.

But I think the talent pool is pretty weak overall.

And I'm still disappointed with how Raven and Tyra were completely humorless during the Snatch Game and chicken commercial challenges.

They were against doing camp or spoofing their precious divas/sacred cows. whom they think they're best friends with or something.

Aaron said...

I cant watch that piece of crap this season. Gone are the charming and HUMAN contestants of the first season, replaces by, mean, shady, nasty stereotypes that do nothing but reinforce every negative homophobic preconception about gays, Thanks a lot R.P. for adding another show to the long list of shows that give us a bad name...

David Mason said...

Really?! Thats bizarre. I dont find it that way at all?!

raul1188 said...

i think raven shoulda won.
tyra is a bitch and not very personable. i have this theory that she's also an idiot savant. :/