Tuesday, April 27, 2010

YO DUDE , its the RUPAULS DRAG RACE Finale and we were PARTY ANIMALS!!

Im gonna keep my comments on the results and subsequent marathon simple:

I think its right that Tyra won. I liked Raven more but Tyra was the best performer, she seems to have the knack for intuitive improvisation thats makes for magic. Though Im not into her personally.

Raven gets forever bonus points for doing Kelly Lebrock at the Kandy bar in Weird Science.

Juju b sorta FRAKED ME OUT during the acting scene, shes was MAJOR?! The entire scene was also REALLY funny.

I now feel bad about laughing at a commentor on H.O.V calling Morgan a Gremlin. She had a a major look that was DOWN for the reunion.

I clocked Sonique as a trans tranny before she claimed it, Im a dude who tends to know when someone is feeling the mones.

Mystique.. was that her name??? ..the mentally ill liar corpulent black lady.. She actually creeps me out with the lying but the kidnapping Mexicans story was CHOICE... No girl SORRY but they aint kidnapping YOUR MOM, theyre looking for MO-NEY not MO'NIQUE...Mystique would make a better job being one of those bags you throw down to STOP A FLOOD.

My raven was backing her drag sister up, but how in the hell did the sloth got ahold of JUJU B's heel??? You think a sloth would make a lousy pick pocket....

Rupaul did a great job with this new season I feel, the show was fully entertaining, and had heart and WISDOM?! I swear it did. and when Tyra pulled the stunt and started weezing/ DYING on the ground and Rus' first comment was "Girl dont worry were gonna get your wig back on?!" I howled as the wig is FIRST PRIORITY ... HTEN BREATHING.. OH and JUJU calling Tyra an UNT ( not a CUNT) was GENIUS. JUJU is cracks me up, juju was the smartest one by far and should got some kind of honorable mention.


Zed Adam said...

Oh Dave, your coffee table is gawjes!

David Mason said...

Thank you for noticing! :) Its affordable and from a design place in LA actually but I forget the name, all metal.

gavin said...

I came to appreciate Tyra's artistry, but I could never be friends with such a dumb, country, insatiably annoying diva.

john said...

I agree Tyra was the best
after hearing she lived with her drag mother and based on how young and foolish, I'm not certain that all of her beautiful and elegant costumes could actually be hers. Is that fair?

john said...

What do you think about the upcoming Drag U?

David Mason said...

Im actually really excited about it as Drag Race was the only thing that could get me to turn the tv on, I WANTED to like the LIFE show but the Oprah thing killed it for me.
I like the idea that the queens will be "faculty members" Thats kinda awesome.