Thursday, May 13, 2010

Creature that is more fierce the YOU of the day: Lemurs accessorizing with milipedes

Ive totally quit poppers, wont go near em, now i just chew milipedes.


gavin said...


Herodotus said...

I love that they are so crunchy!
I shall call them millinachos!

Anonymous said...

Where ever that place is with the monkeys raiding the bar, I'm not going there.

Marc said...

I have this strange feeling that I'm going to start seeing millipedes crawling under the door of my IML host hotel room.

James said...

Oh Hell naw! Bitches be gettin high off millipedes?!?! Wait til that shit hits the streets.

-"Omg Barbara, we don't allow coke at this party"


-"Here, bite this bug"

-"Om nom nom....oh..shi...oh bih...." *hits the floor*