Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fetish Kookery of the day: This goes in the "Im not getting this at all file"

Im not understanding any of this but I find it interesting and Im happy that hes loving it. I found the pics on Recon and he claims to be into track pants, so has he folded them up and tied them around his waist? To me it seems like hes more into folded clothes... Not knocking it at allz, just trying to figure it out and enjoying the mystery.... I like discovering new fetishes, I feel like a National Geographic Explorer.


Michael Joseph said...

Layered underwear over pants?

Holly said...

You're like the Indiana Jones of fetish. And yeah, I totally don't get this. Like at all, but I am happy he's happy. We all need more happiness and if track pants do it for you, well go for it.

Anonymous said...

whatever's going on down there I think it's best covered!