Friday, May 7, 2010

Gay artist calls gay artist TOO GAY

Click the link HERE to read about how one self loathing gay hates on someone less self loathing. I saw it on FYF and thought it was funny. If the accusation is correct then I like my art TOO GAY!!!


Herodotus said...

Sheeesh! I'm with you, Dave! It's been my experience that the truly talented are far more accepting and generous than those with little or no ability.

jethro said...

i prefer my art medium gay please.

Nexis Pas said...

If I were Mr Cobbett, I would be relieved that the other man left the show. It's not so much a Goldilocks gap between 'too gay' and 'just the right amount of gay' as a matter of professional versus amateur.

gavin said...

Brian Herman is apparently a Skater Boy Troll, his subjects and primary sexual interest being straight teenage dudes.

So naturally, he's afraid Aaron's work will scare away his homophobic "catch." Brandon can't look cool in front of all the skaters with Francois Sagat in hot pink straps.

Instead, he needs stuff you can hang on the wall at Zumiez.

I'm always disappointed in artists who are intolerant of artwork or styles radically different from their own. I'm not saying you should "like everything;" you can't.

But there is quality in some other artists' radically different styles -- no single artist has all the answers.

Aaron's style is glitzy camp. It's not my favorite aesthetic, either, but I love people who do it well like he does.

Aaron's pictures are much more interesting and rich than Brandon Herman's. I mean, which ones would most people rather look at?

Aaron said...

Thanks for the support guys!!