Monday, May 24, 2010


Everybody knows I go to PARIS more then I go to BROOKLYN but I figured why not INDULGE THE TRIBES PEOPLE that inhabit the provinces and see how "the other half lives". I met my friend Brandon and we headed to our friend Kurt and Georges house which was LOVELY and NOT a MUD HUT?!?! I didnt know what to do with the LIVE GOATS I had brought as offerings so I dropped them off at the Greek church next door for SACRIFICE. Kurt is a very talented painter, a skill im assuming she learned in a "fair trade" mission, and George works for a magazine, its cruel to assume theyre illiterate?!. Their place was spacious and lovely and they ACTUALLY SWEAR TO GOD fed me FRUITS and NUTS?!?! It was DECADENT and RAW! but for real though, Id NEVER lay out five kinds of cheeses, a fruit salad,prosciutto, almonds, olives and hummus, crakers and pistachios for a pre brunch snack as well as champagne, but FANCY was never something I studied in MOOSE SCHOOL.
OH and speaking of fancy it didnt stop at the spread, they had a RELIQUARY the held a lock of DOLLY PARTONS HAIR?!?!? REASON TO TRAVEL TO BROOKLYN ALONE?!?!
We then met our friend Duane and had BRUNCH which is a concept that I wasnt aware had crossed over there yet... its like how we learned to use FORKS and KNIVES from the MOORS?!....
We then found a local tracker and took part in an ART BEAR party?! Which was actually fun as a social experience and they had YET ANOTHER fancy SMORGASBORD?! Which is LESS of a surprise in a BEARS DEN I guess but i was still impressed, and appreciated the raspberry tart some bear lovingly BOUGHT at Citarella. It was a very ARTISTIC party, so we left, but we actually enjoyed ourselves and everyone one was very nice I must say.
I then took my STAGECOACH home and woke up this morning with the ROOM SPINNING. I think one of the bears tried to POISON ME.


Anonymous said...

How can it be Dolly's hair? she wears wigs?

Anonymous said...

You just never know where civilization will spread to next!