Saturday, May 8, 2010

Some hot middle easterners dudes could benefit from channeling their inner dog.

Ok in London there were PLENTY of FETISH HOT middle eastern dudes and I was LOVING them, BUT Id smile at them and get NOTHING in return. so naturally i'd think .. What a CUNT!?! but then shockingly like 15 minutes later theyd be all cruisy and into me?! Its BAFFLING behavior and seemed to be exclusive to the swarthy types which is a type I LOVE so it was frustrating.
The best way I can describe it is like everyone in the room is behaving like a DOG except the sexy middle easterners who are behaving like a CAT. I dont wanna fuck a CAT, I dont even wanna PET a cat. Theyre pretty to look at but I want a Boxer, or a French Bulldog, or an Akita for a bf, a Persian cat is NOT on my MUST FUCK LIST.
Im happy that theyyre responsive, albeit in delay, and I understand that they dont have a smile "on" like Americans do, and I also used to serve Siamese Cat realness DOWN but I learned you really need to get over that stunt because its a turn off and makes you look insecure and you catch more flies with sugar then you do with vinegar.
This concept also pertains to anyone that is from any nation behind the former iron curtain as well, but I dont get into those types personally so I dont even care to let them know.
If youre hairy and brown eyed and like em PLUS SIZED and POLLOCKY smile at me and I'll totally buy you ice cream!


crumpet0552 said...

I like hairy brown-eyed types too but whether I'd like 'em (or they'd like me) "pollocky"? That sounds scary. Like the room looks like a Jackson Pollock picture after sex? Please enlighten me...

Aaron said...

PARIS is the place for hot Arab trade..