Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sorry I havent been able to blog in a while...

Please read Velvet Rage NOW. It will make you happier then you can imagine. Ive only got to about page 63 so far but already I had enough insight to CHOKE A UNICORN (Im way over unicorn shit now btw but whatevs, I'll own it). Yes I know the title is sorta icky, im not into "velvet" being used as a stand in for GAY. Personally Id way rather have a book on my coffee table called GAY RAGE then Velvet Rage. Since when have gays been into VELVET the 60s or something?! Its not very broad in its spectrum, dont relate to the term at all. I mean arent straight people the ones with velvet in their homes, like couches and stuff? I admit I do have one pair of navy blue velvet curtain in my home but thats it, and I hardly consider them DEFINITIVE of my personality...
Anyways.. The book is MAJOR and it talks about YOU!!! It says A LOT about ME too! Its basically a self help book but it goes into DEEP DETAILS as to why we are the way we are and its most about UNTAPPED RAGE and SHAME which I have talked about on this blog ALL THE TIME. It talks about TONS of stuff and on about 1475 instances I was like "Ugh... thats SO ME?!" It goes into why were all so buff or fancy or boozey or WAY TO DRIVEN and needy for validation yet never satisfied with it.. basically its the book I should have read 10 YEARS AGO!!!
I havent got too deep into it yet so Im not sure how and if it gets into what to do to not be such a self obsessed / self loathing person but Im sure it does and just the insight alone is MAJOR... PLEASE go get it now and I mean it!
I honestly dont think Id date someone that hasnt read it.


Michael said...

Just went to Amazon immediately and bought it. Was told about it years ago but you've just made me need it!
Will report back once arrived.

Michael - London

Michael said...
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youreviltwin said...

they should've called it FAGGOT RAGE. i'm all about the word FAGGOT. it's so fucking ugly, and i remember when my stepfather would call people faggots i would LITERALLY CRY, and i didn't even know why at the time. but i've turned the corner and i use it all the time... i don't find it empowering, per se, i guess it just takes the piss out of it. i don't like it when super pc people get on my shit about it either- it's like, i can make sense of my identity in a manner that works for me, thanks very much.

David Mason said...

SO glad you got it Michael!!!

Cristián said...

Velvet Rage should be a mandatory book to read in Elementary School for every gay kid in America.
It would save so many pain and sorrows (and even may be lives) to so many kids out there.

And for any gay adult it should be required to read every time we file our taxes or renew our ID's.

Cristián said...

...oh, and for the record, the other book that goes hand in hand with Velvet Rage is "Ten Smart Things Gay Men Can Do to Improve Their Lives" by Joe Kort.
Yes, another one that has an even more "uninviting" tittle (and the book cover design itself wouldn't make you even touch it if you saw it at a book stand a thousand times). Still, highly-highly recommendable, David.
As mind enlightening and empowering as Velvet, too. Same thing: first chapters no big deal, but then its pages become MAJOR-MAJOR.

gavin said...


Don't invest a lot of stock into psychologists or self-help gurus. If you find a suggestion that improves your life, then great.

But be wary of psychologists who presume to speak for everyone or your personal situation, which differ greatly.

Remember that psychology is just another art form, not a true science.

Does a "diagnosis" actually APPLY to you, or doese it just "sound good" and "authoritative?"

I only became happy in life when I threw out half of the things psychologists had told me as a teen!

theviirus said...

Read broke my hard nose and hard head. I am a much happier, more comfortable, and more authentic human being after reading it.