Wednesday, May 12, 2010

STUD by Exterface... Only a preview.

Go to to see all of their shoots. They really progress with every shoot. I really love the water color touches to these and if you go to the site the womens editorial they did is very hot too. Check it out and I TOLD YOU Flash Gordon from 1980 was gonna be SO 2013?! and if its NOW in an edgey fashion magazine in Paris it means its 2013 everywhere else. I cant post the pics here because i cant pull them from the site :(
Oh wait I got them!

And here is what I was talking about. I cannot believe that I am SOOOOO tapped into the creative unconscious?!?.. I seriously said that a while ago and just KNEW it was gonna happen , it was purely out of thin air and I just knew it.. Im proud of myself!?!


brando said...

I've had Flash Gordon for two months now from NetFlix and have watched it three times since, haha. I guess it is in the air.

p.s. I love the diamond facets in the Exter Face female piece, that was one of my favorites. The jewel tones were soo on point and everything just dripped off that bitch. Oooh!!! (begins to fan away the vapors)

Zed Adam said...

Is that black suit by Viktor & Rolf? Those oversized shoulders look familiar.

Man, that Laurent hunk from Exterface's 'Gang' is gawjes!