Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When the cool gay kids, models are culturally "gay" by proxy, collide with the straight kids: The result is an awkward unfriendly interview

I actually think its just the fact that the host is so damn STRAIGHT he just CHOKED and STAMMERED where as Thierry ( Manfred) and YOU and I are like "YAY! Look at the magical ladies! Tell us fun stories and whos CRAZY?!" and not "Holy shit shes hot and she hates me" one makes for a way better interview, but both would be accurate. This link was courtesy of Francy.


oui said...

The Flash Pink jacket !! great

Holly said...

How can you have two super models and Thierry on and it be boring? That was painful.

Stan said...

The host, Dennis Miller, is such a fucking asshole. He appears on Fox News sometimes with his right wing, conservative opinions. No wonder his show failed.