Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why am I KINDA turned on by the lead singer?!

Maybe I want to BE the lead singer?! Im pretty sure I want back up singers in spandex bodysuits for sure at least.


Damien Oz said...

Because its a bad fake tanned, cheesy electronica, hot mess.

And thats why its fabulous :)

gavin said...

I love "Dancing in Heaven!"

I have to thank KICKIN' IT OLD SKOOL for unburying all memories of it.

Yes, I saw the crap-tacular retro-comedy starring Jamie Kennedy!

Marc said...

Maybe because he's an Englishman (now living in L.A.)?

Martin Page also wrote or co-wrote hits like, "We Built This City" (Starship), "King of Wishful Thinking" (Go West), and "These Dreams" (Heart).

David Mason said...

WOW?! We built this city AND These Dreams?!?!? WOWOWWOW Hes AMAZING!