Friday, May 21, 2010

WOW?! Who woulda thought Lizas contribution to the song would be a SLAVE HYMNAL ELEMENT?!?!

I know its social suicide to say I like this version more but I DO, it has WAY more SOUL! I mean Liza sings it like a SLAVE HYMNAL and damn, I never realized it but if anyone has SOUL its LIZA damn, Lady has been THROUGH IT...?!?
Did they make you sing SLAVE HYMNALS in school? They made ME do it!!! It was supposedly STATE LAW!!! I thought it was FIERCE. 86 white children serving up SOUL.. and one black gurl.. I mentioned her before.. Nicole Bachus aka Nicole Blackass.. by Lisa SUCKMAN, Lisa not only had the worst name she was also the only class jew so OF COURSE she thought of a name for Nicole on site, in seconds..... It was kinda funny though, I mean I think it was done SEMI lovingly I mean c'mon the gurls name was LISA SUCKMAN she HAD to do something .. Oh AND besides being the only jew she was ADOPTED?! OHHH and she was a RED HEAD?!?!? Talk about three strikes against you?!?!?
Anyways back to state law.. we also HAD to perform SQUARE DANCING its was supposedly culturally significant to AMERICA. Square dancing I wasnt into but the Slave Hymnals were major.. "Jump down turn around pick a bail of cotton!" Werk!! for real.. I mean WORK or Im gonna beat you with a rattan cane?!


Anonymous said...

it's definitely the barbiturate version.

Lucien said...

Saw Liza a good few years in ago in NYC in her one woman show - it was surprisingly VERY GOOD and most memorable - She stayed true to he voice ranges - never pushed to severely but laid a tune or two that made you realize THIS LADY IS A FUCKIN STAR !

youreviltwin said...

Liza is so much more awesome than beyoncé. You'll note that i capitalizied Liza, but not b.

my favorite version of crazy in love is the antony and the johnsons live version.

skip to the 2:00 minute mark... the album live version is better, but this is close.

youreviltwin said...

this is the studio recording. video's kind of off, tho.